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The Biotox skin care range is produced by a company based in Singapore known as Dermadex which is short for Derma, Medical Express. Dermadex produces a number of anti aging products such as the Biotox Rejuvenate Cream which the manufacturers say will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as combat signs of skin loosening. It also produces the Biotox Anti-Pigment Cream, which the manufacturer says, combats the sedimentation of melanin as well as promoting cell regeneration and encouraging flawless skin. They also produce the Biotox Anti-Pigment Treatment Mask, which they say has strong antioxidant qualities that are claimed to result in a radiant and delicate complexion.

Product Details

There is an official website for the Biotox skincare range by Dermadex. The website however is in both English and Chinese, due probably to the fact that the Company headquarters is in Singapore. This means that Dermadex salons can be found in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Unfortunately, there also seems to be some fundamental information lacking on the official website; there are no ingredient lists for some products on the website, nor price details. Some of the Biotox products can be bought from online stores but otherwise if you wish to purchase them you will need to do so from a Dermadex Salon. The Dermadex Salons seem to be part of a Dermadex franchise. Dermadex says that the anti-pigment mask and cream work hand in hand to treat pigmentation as well as prevent future formation.

There were ingredients listed on the website for the Biotox Anti Pigment Mask. They were listed as Lemon. Vitamins, Micro Elements, Abundant Organic Acid, and Citric Acid. Testimonials and reviews about their products were found in websites based in mostly in Singapore.

The Good

  • There is an official website for Biotox.
  • There are contact details on the website for someone to contact with any concerns or questions.
  • The website is easy to navigate.

The Bad

  • The website is lacking comprehensive information about the Biotox range of skin care.
  • These products seem to be difficult to obtain if you live outside of Singapore, Malaysia or Brunei.
  • There do not appear to have been any controlled standardized tests of these products carried out.
  • There are no free product trials or a money-back guarantee that we could find for Biotox.

The Bottom Line

It is rather difficult to give any kind of educated opinion on the anti aging products within the Biotox range by Dermadex, as there official website is lacking in a lot of basic essential information. It seems that at the moment the company is only targeting the Far Eastern skin care market. If they intend to break into the US or Europe they will certainly need to reassess their marketing strategies and revamp their website to give more clear and detailed information. We would need to see a lot more information about Biotox before we would pick it above many of the other, domestically available products currently available on the anti-aging market.

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