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Actifirm is a company that specializes in high-end anti-aging products. Its products are suitable for people suffer from a variety of skin types and Actifirm claims that only natural ingredients are used. The company also claims that its products help the skin to rebuild its structure, thereby eliminating wrinkles and restoring the skin to its original youthful appearance. Actifirm’s line of products includes a cleanser, a peel, a mask, and an eye cream, among others.

The Actifirm line of anti-aging products are often sold at medical spas. These are a new type of spa rapidly gaining in popularity that offers a program run under the supervision of a licensed physician or nurse practitioner. Many of Actifirm’s products are packaged in very small containers and are quite expensive. For instance, Actifirm’s Mushroom Mask comes in a 30-ml jar and retails for $68.00 at

Product Details

Actifirm’s signature ingredient is known as Actizyme, which is a patented enzyme derived from the Mucor Miehei Mushroom. Actizyme is an exfoliating agent that can be found in products such as Actifirm’s Actizyme Renovation Mushroom Mask and Actifirm’s Z Peel 30 Percent Plus. The company also uses a combination of ingredients known as their “botanical blend” which contains ingredients such as aloe, algae extract, and Japanese green tea extract.

Actifirm claims that its products will rejuvenate and heal the skin. They will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring the skin to its youthful look. Actifirm even goes so far as to state that its products have the ability to repair the “underlying architecture” of the skin, but details as to how this is done are vague.

The Good

  • Actifirm’s products are made from natural ingredients such as soy, ginger, and Vitamin E. Actifirm uses ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the skin.
  • Actifirm is carried by medical spas, meaning that health care professionals feel confident, (or at the very least, neutral) about endorsing this skin care line.
  • Actifirm has designed its products so they are gentle for those having sensitive skin.

The Bad

  • Actifirm is quite an expensive product. For instance, 30 ml of their Renovation Cream retails for over $70 from many online vendors.
  • For a product that touts Actizyme as being their signature ingredient, it appears more than halfway down the list of ingredients.
  • Actifirm’s products come in very small sizes, meaning that a customer would have to buy them several times each month.
  • It is unclear what the return policy is for this product.

The Bottom Line

Actifirm has such a wide array of products designed to help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, purchasing Actifirm’s products will be very expensive because each of its products has been designed for a specific purpose. Simply purchasing Actifirm’s Antioxidant Morning Cleanser, Actifirm’s Antioxidant Evening Cleanser, and Actifirm’s Renovation Mushroom Mask will set you back over a hundred dollars. Actifirm’s products usually come in 30 ml jars, meaning that you would need to purchase these products several times per month. From what we’ve seen, there are high-quality skin care alternatives that will give similar results at a lower price.

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