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Aderma is a product line from Laboratories Pierre Fabre. This company was founded in the 1960’s. Since then, the labs have gained world renowned recognition. The Laboratories Pierre Fabre are located in France. They specialize in creating unique ingredients from plants and herb. The company claims that their products are filled with natural nutrients as well as vitamins rich in the properties that assist in skin treatment. They also state that at least 50% of their ingredients are derived from plants. The manufacturers of Aderma have a pharmaceutical line as well as cosmetics. They try to enlighten and educate people about their products and about healthy skin care in general.

The official website for the Aderma manufacturers offers several pieces of information. They explain their practices and the research they have performed as well as the types of products they have to offer. A person can research everything about the company directly from this site. However, while it is possible to see a list of the product available, details of these products are not given. However, poking around third party websites can assist a potential customer in learning more about the Aderma line and more details regarding the Aderma products.

Product Details

An individual will be able to find Aderma products for purchase from third party web vendors. The product lines available include face creams, foaming gels, skin treatment creams and cleansing bars and lotions. Third party locations have some detailed information regarding the items they sell. Unfortunately, a list of ingredients for each item may be difficult to locate. The prices differ from £4.00 which is currently $7.87, all the way to £12.00 which translates to $23.62. An individual may be able to find more detailed facts about the products by looking around the web. Since the web vendors selling Aderma do not seem to have any connection to the manufacturer, it could also be possible to find higher or lower prices on these products.

The Good

  • The manufacturers of Aderma have a website with detailed information about the company and their practices.
  • An individual can find other sources for product facts as well as purchasing information.
  • The prices on the products seem fairly low, even if they are in English pounds.

The Bad

  • User testimonials on the Aderma line were not found.
  • Money back guarantees, free trials or return policies may be offered by third party web vendors or they may not be.
  • An active list of ingredients is not displayed from the Aderma manufacturers or other third party sites.

The Bottom Line

The Aderma manufacturers explain their company policies and methods in detail on their official website. Nevertheless, the products that they promote can not be viewed. An individual will have to rely on third party locations to receive the information that they desire. The company explains their procedures in a straightforward manner., but the only mention of ingredients is that they use 50% plant derivatives. One may wonder what the other 50% consists of. We found that we were left with too many question marks about Aderma and their product line.

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