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Adrien Arpel is a leader in skin care treatments and body cleansing. The official website is simple to navigate through, however detailed information about the company as a whole is not present. Adrien Arpel claims that their skin treatments are heavily influenced by European techniques. They state that the company has been in business for over 30 years bringing women of all ages the skin care they deserve. The Adrien Arpel company says that their product has been clinically studied for safety and effectiveness. They claim that each product was created with research and science. The company concludes that their merchandise helps users build self confidence by improving the appearance and quality of their skin.

The official Adrien Arpel website is simple to explore and every product can be found as well as purchased from their page. Each piece of merchandise has a detailed description pertaining to the product. Third party websites have testimonials and personal reviews about the Adrien Arpel line. The posted reviews are mostly positive from consumers.

Adrien Arpel products can be located around the internet or in local retail stores. Their site has a simple to use retail store tracker that allows potential customers to find a convenient store carrying Adrien Arpel products. There are over 70 products to choose from in the whole Adrien Arpel line. Product price points vary between $5 to $60. A person can also download the full AA catalog directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Product Detail

Unfortunately, ingredients in the Adrien Arpel skin care line are not given. There is no mention of any product components on the official website, or from a third party location. Even though, detailed information about the product can be found on their website, ingredients would be helpful in determining safety and potential allergic reactions. There also has been no mention of animal testing or if the merchandise uses a natural base.

The Good

  • The Adrien Arpel line is fairly inexpensive compared to other products on the market.
  • Testimonials can be found posted on third party websites. They are mostly positive reviews.
  • Adrien Arpel products are available from the official site, which also offers a retail store finder for instant gratification.

The Bad

  • A list of active or other ingredients in Adrien Arpel products cannot be found anywhere.
  • Even though the company claims that their has been extensive testing done on the merchandise, the results are not made available to potential buyers.
  • A couple of the products seem to be fairly high in cost.
  • The company does not offer a money back guarantee or a free trial of their goods.

The Bottom Line

Adrien Arpel’s products are widely known and appreciated. People from around the world purchase their merchandise. Nevertheless, the company seems to have a few flaws. Ingredients should be an important piece of information to a consumer. If an individual is allergic to certain chemicals or natural ingredients, knowing ingredients in any cosmetic product is essential. Adrien Arpel claim that their products have been extensively tested, however the results cannot be found. We certainly respect the positive user testimonials posted about Adrien Arpel, but we’d still like to know a lot more about this product line.

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Hello. Thanks for doing a

Hello. Thanks for doing a review on Adrien Arpel products. I have been curious about what reviewers had to say about this line so this is really helpful. I did see though that there is a money back guarantee within 30 days on the website. Is this not the case from your personal experience?? Thanks again.

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