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Albolene moisturizing cream has been around since the 1960’s, and is still relatively popular today. The familiar marketing slogan for this product is, ‘The makeup comes off, and the moisture stays in.’ In fact Albolene is marketed by the manufacturers as having two functions; it is a moisturizing cream, and it is also a makeup remover. Albolene’s approach obviously taps into the existing market of women who are tired of harsh makeup removers that damage the skin. The manufacturers of Albolene say that it will promote vibrant, healthy skin as well as promoting a younger looking complexion and unblocking pores clogged by greasy foundation or other makeup. They say that it will also help prevent dry or irritated skin.

Product Details

Albolene is available for sale in department stores and from many online vendors. It is sold at a price of $6.99. Albolene has a loyal following, particularly amongst those who have been using it since the 1960’s. The manufacturers of Albolene do not make extraordinary claims for their product. Unlike other skin care manufacturers, they do not say that it will get rid of your wrinkles, eliminate your dark circles and regenerate your skin tissue. The ingredients in Albolene are mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, ceresin, and beta carotene. Some of these ingredients such as paraffin and petroleum can cause skin irritations in some people.

The Good

  • Albolene will not burn a whole in your pocket since it is very reasonably priced at $6.99.
  • There is an official website with contact details if you have any concerns or questions about this product.
  • Product is available in most drugstores and online.

The Bad

  • Albolene is marketed as a cleanser and a makeup remover, not as an anti-wrinkle treatment.
  • We could not find a full list of ingredients for Albolene, so it could contain potential irritants.
  • Buying this product from third-party web vendors who have no association with the manufacturer is not a good idea.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to have a soft spot for this produc;, it is one of the face creams that was around before the arrival of sophisticated face anti-age and anti-wrinkle creams and also before aggressive marketing for face creams. It really is a cream of a different era. It is a cream that our mothers or grandmothers may have used, and so for nostalgic reasons we would like to say that Albolene will reduce your wrinkles and provide anti-aging ingredients for your skin. However, we cannot do this, as not even the manufacturers of Albolene assert that it will reduce your wrinkles! This cream won’t do you any harm, and will be useful as a makeup remover but it certainly is not the miracle anti aging and anti miracle cream that we are all waiting for!

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You said that you don't have a full list of Albolene's ingredients; they are mineral oil, paraffin, ceresin petrolatum, and beta carotene, that's it. There is no alcohol,or water or preservatives. They say on their label that it also helps improve excema. My mother and I have used it all of my life and we have the smoothest skin of anyone we know. I have dry skin and I don't know of anything, including pure oil, that moisturizes my skin as well.

price of product

cvs is selling it for $11.99, either they are ripping consumers off, or your website is wrong. i heard about this product, and am trying it for the very first time. im hoping it was worth the $11.99 i just paid. just saying that hopefully i wasnt ripped off, and this website is giving wrong info

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