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Angel Lift touts itself as the latest advancement in cosmetic medicine. Unlike botox or dermal fillers, Angel Lift is said to rejuvenate a user’s skin and reverse the signs of aging by taking the unique approach of using an use of an oral prosthesis similar to braces. The Angel Lift device is a mouthpiece that fits above the gum lines. It is designed to be worn during waking hours when one wants look their best. The company claims that wearing angel life reduces muscle memory and results in fewer facial wrinkles. The device is not to be used during eating. Drinking liquids is fine with angel lift. The device is made from a special resin in Germany and lasts for several years. It can be worn comfortably against the gums and cheeks.

Product Details

The product, when worn regularly, displaces the facial muscles and lifts the skin. The Angel Lift also removes the muscles memory so that the facial muscle won't contract and hence there will be fewer wrinkles. The company claims that the device instantly corrects the facial contours and reorients the muscles back to their original, youthful position.

The device is only fitted by oral surgeons or physicians who have been trained with Angel Lift. The device is FDA approved and custom fitted. There is also a less advanced Angel Lift device that can be bought over the counter, but this is best for home use only and it is not really recommended to wear out like the more advanced version. The cost is around $ 400.

The Good

  • Featured on a variety of TV networks.
  • Angel Lift claims to be painless.
  • No recovery.
  • 6-month replacement warranty with the Angel Lift device.

The Bad

  • There are no testimonials for Angel Lift.
  • There are no pre and post photos.
  • There is lack of clinical trial evidence.
  • There is concern regarding the lack of dental care.
  • There is lack of info about cleanliness and hygienic maintenance of this oral device.
  • Have to wear a mouth piece everywhere which, if you’ve ever had braces or a retainer, you’ll know can be a bit irritating.
  • Have to remove the device each time you eat, which could be awkward.

The Bottom Line

Cosmetic dentistry has made significant advances in the last two decades with teeth whitening and orthodontics to help align the teeth. Now it appears that there are some dentists who are into cosmetics and have come up with a noninvasive way to remove wrinkles- and this requires wearing of a device in the mouth. The manufacturers say that wearing the Angel Lift device will make you feel younger and look attractive and all this without any needles or surgery. I am sure this is a great device but one can accomplish this effect simply by placing cotton balls in the mouth. And for all those who have worn braces, how aesthetic looking is that? In summary, Angel Lift is a very strange, experimental approach to wrinkle reduction and we wish that the fundamental principles underlying this device were somewhat better explained.

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the best product I've ever

the best product I've ever seen! alojamiento roma

Bell"s Palsy

I've seen some articles about this system, along with pre and post pictures and it looks really interesting. While it doesn't claim to have any recovery effects, I'm intrigued at it's possibilities in aiding people that suffer from Bell's Palsy and similar paralyzing effects. Thanks!

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