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The skin product Avage is manufactured by Allergan. Allergan are well known to skincare enthusiasts for being the manufacturer of the wildly popular injection treatment Botox. Allergen says that Avage is an “elegant” formulation that has been proven to effectively reduce wrinkles, as well as certain types of dark spots and pigmentation on a user’s face. The primary active ingredient in Avage is something called Tazarotene. As a result of the fact that Avage contains Tazarotene, a powerful prescription medicine, it is only available by prescription from your dermatologist or physician.

Allergan says that scientists do not know exactly what Tazarotene does and why it is so effective. They do say however that it can be harmful to an unborn child and that before prescribing this medicine your prescribing physician will need to see proof of a pregnancy test taken not more than two weeks before the prescription of the product.

Product Details

Avage is only available with a skincare professional’s prescription. The manufacturers say that some of the side effects of this product can include soreness, redness, bumps and dryness, as well as irritated and itchy skin. A pea sized amount of this product should be applied to the wrinkled or discolored area of the patient’s skin. Sunlight should be avoided when using this product as the product can make you more sensitive to UV radiation. It should not be taken if you are already taking any sulfra or quinolone antibiotics. It should also not be used if you are taking any kind of phenothiazine type of medication.

The Good

  • There is an official website for Avage with contact details for those who have any concerns or questions.
  • The treatment appears to have been heavily researched.

The Bad

  • There are a number of other prescription medicines that products containing the ingredient Tazarotene should not be mixed with.
  • Avage can cause birth defects in an unborn child if you are pregnant when taking this product. Pregnancy tests are required prior to use.
  • This product is only available with a prescription.
  • This product treats skin discoloration, not wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

Trial results on Avage’s official website suggest that this product is probably somewhat effective in reducing discoloration, dark spots and pigmentation. The website says that although the product apparently reduces wrinkles it does not eliminate them. Scientists do not appear to know a lot about the compound Tazarotene, but one thing that they do know is that it can cause birth defects in an unborn child, meaning that it is a heavily controlled medication. By their own admission the manufacturer’s of Avage say that Tazarotene is the primary active ingredient in this skin cream. We’re not entirely comfortable with new products that are this potent, and potential users may want to wait until Avage has been on the market for awhile. It seems to us like this cream may potentially cause serious side effects and cannot recommend it until more research is carried out regarding its primary active ingredient Tazarotene.

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If this product is harmful

If this product is harmful to the unborn child then it is better to avoid it unless and until the baby is born . Talking about the pregnancy test , what does the physician will see or what are the criteria to pass the test to use that product for the pregnant women??

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