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Biafine is a FDA approved drug produced by OrthoNeutrogena, and it is primarily marketed as a cream used to treat scars and uneven skin. However, it was recently prescribed as an anti-wrinkle agent for older women as well. The FDA approves this as an appropriate remedy for evening out scars, but its effects on wrinkles and fine lines are not known. Nevertheless, some dermatologists have recommended this to consumers as a way to treat wrinkles. Consumers interested in Biafine will need to consult a doctor before using it, as this is a prescription cream. So far no side effects have been documented with this cream, lessening the chances of any adverse reactions.

Currently the price of Biafine varies; offers will depend on where this product is purchased. It is sold via some online stores for $34.99, but it is strongly encouraged that consumers consult a physician first. Purchasing prescription products from shady online merchants is definitely not advised. Ask your physician for any samples of Biafine -- some do offer it. Prescription creams might be the way to go for some consumers who want proven benefits, but the fact remains that Biafine is primarily recommended for the treatment of scars. How it works is described below.

Product Details

According to clinical evidence listed on Biafine's website, Biafine works in three phases: Inflammation, Proliferation, and Maturation. In the Inflammation stage, macrophages increase in the epidermis (according to Biafine, this removes debris on the skin's surface), followed by the Proliferation stage, where these macrophages stimulate proliferation in the epidermis, and then concluded with the Maturation Stage. In this last stage, new cells multiply in place of the damaged cells. According to evidence provided on their website and through other medical websites, Biafine does produce these noted effects when applied to scarred skin. Its powers on non-scarred skin have a less pronounced effect. It is unknown how this may interact when applied to wrinkles or problem areas on the skin, and it appears Biafine is mainly meant to clear up scarring tissue. There is little information about any anti-aging benefits associated with this product, which is unfortunate. However, it makes sense given that using Biafine as a wrinkle treatment is a relatively unorthodox use of the product, and not how it was intended to be used.

The Good

  • New cells supposedly multiply over damaged skin cells, although this effect is only documented in scarred skin.
  • Is a professional, medically-designed product, meaning that users will have supervision over the course of their treatment.

The Bad

  • It is mainly designed to treat scarred skin, and may not be appropriate for people who wish to treat their skin in a different manner.
  • It can only be safely acquired from a local physician.
  • Does not explain what ingredients are included in Biafine product.

The Bottom Line

Biafine may produce suitable results when applied to scarred skin, but its other effects are not known, and it is impossible to know if it will have any impact when used for anti-wrinkle purposes. Biafine is a medically approved drug also, which means it can be harder to acquire, and consumers may not want to go the extra distance to get a hold of this cream.

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