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Bio Jouvance Paris is a line of skincare products that uses plant and floral extracts to deliver anti-aging results, claiming these ingredients offer a natural way to fight premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Their Bio Rejuvenating Line offers products geared towards anti-aging solutions, stating that their ingredients are potent remedies for premature aging, including reversing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They offer a variety of solutions, including Botox-mimicking creams, protein masques, and other products that claim to mimic the effects of Botox without the actual injections. Consumers might prefer this brand to other brands because of its price: it rarely goes above $82.00 a bottle.

Of course, price is not the only factor when it comes to skincare -- skincare companies that claim to be “the Botox alternative” are pretty easy to come by. Bio Jouvance Paris appears to rely on natural extracts but does not offer much info on the scientific findings involved in product formulation, or to a more important extent, the safety of its products.

Product Details

Bio Jouvance's most popular anti-wrinkle solution, Bio Choice Cream, is said to contain a mixture of soy peptides and red marine, which they claim firms and makes skin more taut. They claim that this closely mimics the effects of Botox, providing an instant lift to the face and erasing the sign of any wrinkles. In reality, very few studies exist of soy peptides and their ability to reverse aging symptoms. The only confirmed benefits are its ability to provide protein to important cells, including skin cells. Soy peptides provide potent amounts of soy protein to cells and help strengthen it at its core, promoting skin elasticity and smoothness. To an extent Bio Jouvance Paris is correct that soy peptides help make the skin more taut, but more studies must be conducted to fully verify these benefits. Soy protein is certainly not a Botox alternative, however.

The Good

  • Early studies show soy peptides help encourage collagen growth in skin cells.
  • Offers many products which offer different ways to target aging-related issues.

The Bad

  • Although it claims to be a Botox alternative, there are no studies demonstrating these effects.
  • Does not offer a full ingredient list, which may raise some safety concerns.
  • Only available for purchase through their official website.

The Bottom Line

Soy peptides are said to promote the production of collagen in skin cells, but these only offer minimal skin-related benefits and they certainly do not lift the skin like Botox. Nevertheless, Bio Jouvance Paris offers a complete skin line that contains ingredients that work as prescribed, and may provide wrinkle relief for consumers. For those seeking solid, scientific backing, however, Bio Jouvance bases their products on newly researched ingredients – and it may not be enough for those seeking proven results.

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