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Biopelle is the name of an aesthetic skincare company that produces several brands for use in hospitals; their anti-aging line, AFA, is an amino acid skin cream meant for use professionally by dermatologists and skincare professionals. Although Biopelle has received acclaim over their other skincare product, L.M.X.4 (a cream designed to reduce pain from skin irritation), they have recently forayed into the anti-aging market with AFA.

Because of Biopelle's medical backing, AFA products are not available in any stores. They can only be administered by a trained professional; at this time, AFA does not list how to locate professionals who use their service. A price list is also not available, but it is implied it is a professional-grade product, which suggests it may not be cheap (however, it could also be covered by some insurance policies.)

Product Details

On Biopelle's website, they state AFA is purely an amino acid mixture, based on patented technology developed in their labs. They do not reveal what they discovered that led them to believe amino acids were the key to de-aging the skin, but they insist this is the case. According to Biopelle, these amino acids allow the skin to retain more moisture and also act as an antioxidant, a chemical to remove free radicals in cells. Some amino acids are cited as collagen boosters, but most people receive this benefit naturally by consuming protein-rich foods. Some skincare companies believe that enriching creams with these important building blocks will help increase elasticity in the skin, but currently no studies have suggested this outcome. It is better to consume amino acids than to apply them topically; that way, they can have the most potent effect within skin cells.

Biopelle is a professional product nevertheless, which suggests it has gone through some testing to verify some of these claims. It is not stated if it is FDA-approved, but their website does hint it is graded on a professional level.

The Good

  • Is considered a professional grade product.
  • Amino acids may promote elasticity in the skin.

The Bad

  • A price range is not known for Biopelle and it is suggested it is only for professional use.
  • Only hints that amino acids are contained in its product, which may not be enough to treat skin conditions due to age.
  • Does not list where consumers can purchase this product.

The Bottom Line

Amino acids are an important part of skin care, and some may promote elasticity in the skin, which inhibits wrinkle formation to an extent. This is not the only key to wrinkle reduction and reducing aging symptoms, and consumers may wish to learn of other ingredients included in their product. Professional grade products are usually not completely ineffective however, which may encourage consumers to learn more about Biopelle’s products.

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