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Dr. Martin Rodbell, a microbiologist who’s research in cell technology won him the Nobel Prize, founded Bioque. Dr. Rodbell claimed that the same research he undertook with signal technology (the way our body’s cells communicate) led to the development of Bioque’s products.

Dr. Rodbell’s work was originally based in cancer research but later broadened into the skin care industry. Several of his products claim to actually prevent the development of melanoma on the skin.

Product Details

There are 10 products in the Bioque line. We will outline 5 of the most popular ones.

Serum XL: There isn’t a full list of ingredients for this product. The serum contains Argireline, which is a hexapeptide. This is being touted by the skin care industry as a less expensive alternative to Botox, a fairly common and optimistic claim made by several prominent skin care lines. The product claims the Argireline relaxes the facial muscles under the deepest layer of skin in order to prevent wrinkles. The serum also contains Strivectin. Strivectin is another popular ingredient that is put into stretch mark creams to seemingly promote collagen and elastin production.

Serum GV: This serum is the one the website claims is recognized by the medical profession as being the only topical treatment that is effective for melanoma. The active ingredient in this product is a glycol isolate of annona muricata (a small evergreen species). The isolate is supposed to prevent the development of melanoma. This product also says to use it on moles, warts, or lumps on the skin.

Serum Rejeuvenate: The purpose of this serum is for long-term age reversal. This product claims that your skin will not only look firmer, but it will be firmer for years. However, there is no specific ingredient that is promoted here. There are several references to active botanicals and an Intensive Penetrating Complex.

Rejeuvenating Day and Night Crème: These are two separate products with the same purpose; to moisturize. Again, the website does not define any specific ingredients, nor does it list any ingredients. The crèmes are intended to be purchased with and to work with the serums.

Pronto: This is supposed to be an instant wrinkle zapper. With GABA(Gamma-Aminobutric Acid) as their main active ingredient, this crème is supposed to reduce and hide your wrinkles and lines for up to 24 hours at a time.

The Good

  • You can order the products directly from the website.
  • The founder of Bioque is a recognized doctor and an award winner for his research in other fields.
  • All purchases are covered by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

The Bad

  • The website does not list all ingredients for each product.
  • Despite referencing several clinical studies and medical profession recommendations, they did not list either for their sources.
  • While the company has a very interesting background as to it’s founder, there isn’t anything completely scientific listed on the website itself to prove the products are effective in what they promise.

The Bottom Line

The Bioque products seem to be geared toward women who are noticing very visible signs of aging. While it does seem these products can be used at any age, each product is geared towards wrinkle reduction or line smoothing. With the exception of the Serum GV, no other product on the website claims any cancer fighting benefits. With the kind of technology claimed in the Serum GV, one would think they’d put it in all their products. There seems to be a lot of hype around Bioque’s use of different ingredients there are many celebrity photos, suggesting that they use the product. However, there are no testimonies from any of them as to whether or not they continue to use it. Bioque promises a lot, but we’ll be anxious to see the website actually show their clinical studies and the medical profession testimonies as to the effectiveness of their cancer-fighting serum. A full list of all ingredients is always helpful too.

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