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Cellcosmet is a skin care line from the Cellap Laboratoire SA. The manufacturers are located in Switzerland. This company began in the late 80s. They have two divisions. The first is Cellcosmet, which is created for women. Their second is entitled Cellmen, which caters to males. The manufacturers claim that their products are created with marine extracts and with pure or natural oils. Cellcosmet products are designed with “cellulotherapy”. They explain that this method is a renowned Swiss technology. Then they further state that celebrities from all around the world use this to enhance their appearance. The company insists that the manner in which this technology works is fairly simple. The skin responds to stimulation which in turn creates new cell growth and allows a person to feel as well as appear younger and healthier. According to the manufacturers, newer cells can rejuvenate older more worn cells. That technique assists the skin’s appearance when it comes to youth and vitality.

The official website for the Cellcosmet line is filled with information regarding their company and mission in the cosmetic industry. A person can view exactly what the merchandise is intended to do and read the lab’s theories behind “cellulotherapy”, as well as purchase their products from the online shop. An individual may also be able to find third party websites with personal reviews or other purchasing options. A full product list and detailed information can also be obtained from the Cellcosmet manufacturer’s website.

Product Details

The merchandise that can be found from the Cellcosmet line is extensive. There are 9 categories to choose from. Cellcosmet has formulated specific product lines for the face, body, feet, hands and even travel sets. An individual can explore over 40 different products. The website explains each item in detail, directions for use and benefits associated with each individual product. Unfortunately, the product details do not include an ingredient list, active or otherwise. The price range is fairly expensive. At the lower end of the cost is about $60. The higher amount can put a dent in the pocketbook at $520.

The Good

  • The official website of Cellcosmet is complete with product details and company information.
  • An online shop is available for a customer’s convenience.
  • An order for more than $400 entitles a person to receive free shipping and also a free gift.
  • A return policy is presented.

The Bad

  • A full list of ingredients cannot be obtained from their product descriptions.
  • The price for the merchandise is pretty high.
  • It is unknown if personal reviews can be found from third party websites.
  • Shipping charges for purchases under $400 is expensive at $40 flat.

The Bottom Line

Cellcosmet sounds fantastic in theory. Many companies are experimenting with cell regeneration and growth. An individual can learn more about this type of technology through the Cellap Laboratoire SA’s official website. With prices that extravagant, a person may wish to find out more from third party websites or testimonials from actual customers, which are absent from the official Cellcosmet site. Before spending that kind of big money, we’d definitely like to know a little bit more about what’s going on.

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First of all, great website and reviews here. Second I have tried various high end and exclusive skin care and body care products during the years including the ones from Cellcosmet, I don't mind paying either if these products actually produce results, which is much more important for me than the price! I have to say that comparing various line including Sisley skin care, Cellcomset and others the ones which I found to really deliver is the Body care line Esthetic Bodyshape from Jeneuve Skin care in Switzerland, after reading various positiv reviews from independed sources I purchased various Jeneuve products, and was really impressed with the overall result.

Maria x

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