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Cerave is claimed by the brand's manufacturers to be a breakthrough technology in skin care. They claim the ingredients included in Cerave perform collectively to rebuild and repair skin cells that have been damaged. The Cerave line is said to have been created by dermatologists based on a doctor’s experience with skin care. They insist that their patented products work throughout the day to create an overall beautiful and smooth appearance. The company states that their products are unique because they are based on a formula that could not be found before without a prescription. Apparently, their skin care techniques are also designed to assist in treating dry skin problems, such as eczema. The manufacturers state that Cerave products can be used with a prescription medication designed to control the effects of dry skin.

There have been tests preformed on patented Multivesicular Emulsion delivery technology. This is the main supplement in the Cerave line. On their official website an individual will be able to view how this process works on the skin. The creators of Cerave claim that anyone can use this product everyday for maximum performance. However, certain individuals may benefit more from the use of the product, such as those with dry skin or blemishes.

Cerave products cannot be purchased from their official website. However, they give a long list of retail stores carrying Cerave that may be in your area. These include Rite Aid, Walgreens, OscoDrug and Ike’s Deep Discount Drug. The website also provides information about the company and gives contact information.

Product Details

The Cerave official website offers information on the brand's products. However, price and ingredients are omitted. There are only have three products to choose from. These are Hydrating Cleanser, Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Cream. Each item is said to assist in dry skin as well as sustaining an overall fabulous appearance. Every product comes with a dermatologist recommendation.

The Good

  • The official website has various detailed facts about their merchandise as well as the company.
  • Contact information is present on the website for any concerns or questions a person may have.

The Bad

  • An individual cannot purchase the Cerave products from their official website.
  • A money back guarantee is not offered.
  • Prices and ingredients are not present on the site.
  • Testimonials or personal reviews cannot be found on the Cerave official page or from third party resources.

The Bottom Line

Cerave insists that their products can be used alone or with prescription medication to assist in controlling dry skin or to smooth a person’s appearance. There is detailed information on the website regarding these facts. A diagram is present for interested consumers to view the fundamentals of the patented Cerave Multivesicular Emulsion delivery technology. After reviewing the official website, it seems to us that Cerave has devoted most of their Research & Design budget towards fighting dry skin, and these treatments are given much more attention than their anti-wrinkle offerings.

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