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Clinians Suisse is advertised as a skin care product that is intended to moisturize and revive skin cells. The way the product does this is by using Vitamin E as a main ingredient, along with other antioxidants and moisturizing agents. Of course, many products on the market make this claim, so it's necessary to look more into the formula and ingredients before choosing it as something to heal the signs of ageing. Clinians Suisse could potentially be a good skin care product for anti-ageing, and we'll see upon further looking at the ingredients. The website advertises the products as containing no irritants to the skin as well. When choosing a skin care product, it's important to know exactly what ingredients are in the cream or lotion.

Product Details

The only ingredients listed on any websites we could find about this product were Vitamin E and pomegranate extract, as well as various herbs. However, it's possible that the absorption rate for these ingredients may not be as effective. They aren't backed by evidence at the time, so it's impossible to know just how effective they are. Also, Clinains Suisse lacks several ingredients we've come to expect from quality anti-ageing skin care products, such as hyaluronic acid. This is a compound that helps to keep the skin naturally moisturized, which in turn allows it to be more pliable and therefore less prone to wrinkles. In addition, it should be noted that although Clinians Suisse is said to contain herbs, not all herbs are safe or effective for treating ageing in the skin.

The Clinians Suisse products are available through many affiliate websites, such as Amazon. As for the prices, they seem a little high. One Amazon affiliate site has the cream listed as $75. which isn't including shipping. We're unsure how well the cream actually works and therefore whether it's worth the effort and cost involved with getting a hold of it.

The Good

  • Clinians Suisse contains Vitamin E, which is a critical ingredient to promote healthy skin. It can also be found in many vegetables.
  • The inclusion of pomegranate could help, because pomegranate is considered to be a healthy antioxidant source.

The Bad

  • Apart from Vitamin E and pomegranate, no ingredients that are included in Clinians Suisse really stand out as being effective in anti-ageing remedies.
  • From what we could find, there is no refund policy, and given the high prices, it seems a bit of a risk, especially for an untried product.

The Bottom Line

Although we feel that Clinians Suisse has the potential to be an effective anti-ageing product, its high prices and lack of testing and recognizable cutting edge peptides give us doubts. We do recognize that the ingredients presented could be of some use, but it's likely a better idea to look for a product that has more manufacturer backing and recognizable wrinkles fighters in the formula.

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