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The Correctionist skin care line is one of the many products offered through American International Industries. The Correctionist line is advertised on its own website as an "eight-part skin care regimen that goes beyond the skin's surface to treat and combat the signs of aging at a cellular level". It does so through anti-aging compacts that can work on all skin types to create smoother, softer, wrinkle-free skin. The line includes a cleanser, toner, intensive serum, hand treatment, nighttime treatment, time correcting cream, multi-benefit eye cream, daily light moisturizer, lip treatment and lip plumper. We are somewhat concerned about a single line that offers so many different products, since it means a much greater cost to the consumer and a more complex skin care program overall. However, some of these products are very specific in their purpose, allowing you to pinpoint precise problems and treat them with formulas designed just for that area.

The products do not appear to be offered for sale on the Correctionist website. This site directs you to another that includes both an online retailer and physical stores that are found in numerous locations across the country. We also found the items at many other online retailers. While the price of each product is reasonable, purchasing the entire line will prove to be quite costly. We could also find no money back guarantee for the Correctionist products listed on the website. The site did list mentions that it has been reviewed in a few magazines, but we did not find specific customer testimonials to back up the claims of the company.

Product Details

It did not appear that complete ingredient lists were provided for any of the Correctionist products, which is a serious concern for those with sensitive skin or possible allergies to some substances. While we did find hyaluronic acid in some of the products in this line, other proven ingredients like matrixyl 3000, argireline and soluble collagen were not listed. Since these are the primary substances that are recommended for anti-aging products, the fact that we found few of them in an entire line devoted to diminishing the look of wrinkles and achieving younger looking skin is not a big selling point.

The Good

  • The proven hydrator Hyaluronic acid is listed as an active ingredient in some of the line.
  • The Correctionist line is marketed for all skin types.
  • There are products specifically designed for hands and lips, which can be trouble-spots.

The Bad

  • There are few proven anti-aging substances in these products.
  • An eight-product line is costly and time consuming to follow, but best results can only be achieved with all products.
  • Complete ingredients lists are not provided for the Correctionist products.
  • We could not find any customer testimonials to back up these products at this time.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a complete skin care line, the Correctionist products may be worth a look. However, the lack of proven ingredients and the cost and time involved with using eight different products will be a serious drawback for many consumers, especially when compared to simpler alternatives.

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