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Though it was quite popular at the time of it’s release, the skin care product line Debon Isa Knox has been discontinued, The Taiwan based product manufacturer, Sunpower Nutraceutical Inc., is no longer in business. However, due to the popularity of Debon Isa Knox products, many can still be purchased from reputable retailers and so we will take a quick look at the line. Originally, Sunpower Nutraceutical Inc. operated all of their United States business out of an office in Irvine, California. The full line of products included anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, eye creams, emulsions and a potent serum.

The Debon Isa Knox Wrinkle Decline Cream was advertised as being capable of reducing wrinkles dramatically, as well as act as a corrective agent for other age related skin damage. This product actually consists of two specially formulated creams (called Solution 1 and Solution 2) that are intended to be mixed together. The manufacturer claims that this method will keep all ingredients fresh. Additionally, mixing the two solutions creates a neutral ph level, making the product suitable for all skin types. The anti-wrinkle products were also formulated to give best results when used as part of a multi-part Debon Isa Knox product regimen, and some on-line retailers still offer lists of ideal product match-ups.

Product Details

The lack of an official manufacturer website makes it very difficult to come up with a legitimate ingredient list for Debon Isa Knox Wrinkle Decline Cream. We do know that the product was intended to be used after using the Debon Isa Knox skin toner. Mix the two serums together on the back of your hand, then apply to the face. Pay special attention to wrinkle problem areas. Presumably, the serum is meant to be left in, not washed off after application.

We do know that Debon Isa Knox Wrinkle Decline Cream contains two distinct patented ingredients. The first is Medimin A, but the effects of this ingredient are unspecified. The second patented ingredient in the Wrinkle Decline Cream is prangenidin-77, which the manufacturer claims is derived from “angelica.” This still sounds fairly ambiguous to us. Prangenidin-77 is claimed to reduce both subtle and significant facial wrinkles. Following the use of Debon Isa Knox Wrinkle Decline Cream, it is suggested that users apply the Debon Isa Knox Regular Essence product.

The Good

  • The fact that this product is still sold by some retailers (and presumably sought after by users) indicates that it must have had a strong following.
  • Product is available at mid-range price points from many independent on-line retailers.


  • Product manufacturer is now out of business.
  • No ingredient information available.
  • Very little product info available.
  • Even if you love this product, the supply is fundamentally limited.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, we don’t feel entirely confidant giving an authoritative review of Debon Isa Knox. According to official company bulletins, the Taiwanese manufacturer closed because doing business in America proved to be too expensive for the relatively small company. Their official web presence has been dismantled, and only a collection of on-line retailers remains to sell the line. However, do keep in mind that this means the amount of Debon Isa Knox products available in the US is finite. With that as a consideration, we can’t really recommend seeking out this product.

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