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Derma Wand is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product that’s a little different from many of the other products we’ve looked at here. It is not a cream or serum, but rather it is a pen shaped instrument that emits gentle electrical pulses at a rate of 114,000 cycles per second. The manufacturers of Derma Wand claim that the effect of these gentle pulses is to stimulate and increase the blood circulation in you face. This should ultimately give the user’s face a more youthful, flushed appearance and a plumper all-around skin tone.

Product Details

Derma Wand is priced at $100. Alternatively, the Derma Wand kit which comes with three skin care products is priced at $119. The manufacturers state that the Derma Wand should be used in conjuction with a skin care routine which includes cleansing and moisturizing your skin. If you decide to order the product, at the same time you are sent your Derma Wand, you will also be sent a DVD which gives you a demonstration of how best to use the wand. The manufacturers advise you to use it for three minutes in the evening and three minutes in the morning.

The manufacturers of the Derma Wand market this product not only as a solution to wrinkles but also as a solution to other skin care problems such as enlarged pores on your face, dull skin, and puffy eyes. These claims sound pretty broad to us. The Derma Wand is not suitable for anyone who has a pacemaker or any other electrical medical device. The manufacturers also advise on their website that women who are pregnant should not use this product. There is some clinical research which shows that stimulation with electrical impulses can restore muscle function and also facilitate the healing of wounds. The same stimulation can also improve oxygenation in the blood and thus boost blood circulation. However, a lack of decent blood circulation is not generally considered to be a contributing factor when it comes to facial wrinkles.

The Good

  • There is an official manufacturer’s website for the Derma Wand.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The manufacturers state clearly what the use instructions for this product are.

The Bad

  • There is no clinical research data offered on the official website that testifies that the Derma Wand will live up to its anti-wrinkle claims.
  • You cannot use the Derma Wand on your skin if you are pregnant.
  • It should be used in conjunction with other skin care products. If there is an improvement in your skin, how do you distinguish if it was the Derma Wand or the moisturizer or facial cleanser that you are using that achieved the improvement in skin quality?

The Bottom Line

The Derma Wand will probably not do any harm to your skin if you follow the instructions and use it for only three minutes in the morning and the evening. If you use this product regularly it is likely that it will give your skin a temporary glow. However, before we recommend buying it to reduce your wrinkles instead of just helping with temporary rosy cheeks, we would like to see more clinical research data on this very different approach to wrinkle fighting.

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Please respond re: Derma Wand Review

Hello I've just read your review on the Derma Wand, and find it to be inaccurate.
Please read an independent clinical study of the Derma Wand here - and here -
Please make changes to review of the Derma Wand to reflect this scientific data.
P.S. - please respond

Dermawand Clinical Research

I noticed in your review of the Dermawand under the section 'the bad' you state 'there is no clinical research'.
This is not true. Here is a 3rd party indepent study of the Derma Wand and it's effectiveness.

Please read and make changes to your review.
Brent Doerner
International Commercial Television Inc.

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