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Dermablend is a line of coverage cosmetics that was created over 25 years ago by dermatologist Dr. Craig Roberts. The official website is available in eight different languages and you can choose which country you are visiting from on the homepage. The Dermablend cover Creme is specially designed to help those with rosacea, burns, birthmarks, pigmentation disorders, scars, vitiligo, and post-op bruising. The Dermablend products aren't really anti-aging products, but instead are meant for those with skin issues that benefit the most from being concealed rather than treated. This could be due to something permanent that cannot be corrected or due to having a recent surgical procedure.

Dermablend products come as foundations, concealers, setting powders, brushes, and a makeup remover. Each one of these categories has two or three products available for purchase and the prices range from $15-$30, which makes them fairly inexpensive.

Product Details

The signature product available from Dermablend is the Cover Creme. This product offers your skin complete coverage so you can even out your skin tone regardless of any skin issues you may have. This product claims to be very effective at concealing birthmarks, scars, pigmentation issues, and much more. On the official website, you can see that the Dermablend Cover Creme comes in 21 different shades to help you more accurately match your natural skin tone.

There is also a “My Dermablend” section you can sign up for. This area gives you access to additional benefits such as free shipping on large orders, a stored shopping cart so you can re-order the same products easily, and promotional offers. The official website contains quite a bit of useful information including detailed testimonials from users of the Dermablend products. There are not full ingredients lists disclosed, however.

The Good

  • Dermablend products may help those with severe pigmentation issues.
  • The official website contains many testimonials from people who have used Dermablend products.

The Bad

  • The Dermablend products don't treat or reverse any conditions, they merely cover them up.
  • Some people's skin may not be very tolerant of concealer type products.
  • The full list of ingredients for these products doesn't exist.

The Bottom Line

If you have severe skin pigmentation issues, scars, burns, or an uneven skin tone, Dermablend products may provide you with a temporary way to make your skin look completely even. Concealers are only a quick fix in the beauty industry so you may want to consider finding a product that will even out your skin tone over time, or find some other more permanent solution to your skin disorder. While Dermablend products may appeal to a specific group of people, for those looking for a regular anti-aging product, you should probably stay away from concealers and focus on powerful and proven anti-wrinkle creams that make your skin look and feel younger.

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