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The Dermactin-TS line includes a variety of products, including a stretch mark complex, hand treatment, facial brightener, regenerating lotion, age spot serum, wrinkle filler and anti-wrinkle eye cream. The Dermactin-TS anti-wrinkle eye cream is of particular interest to us, since the name of the product implies that it is specifically designed for anti-aging purposes. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information about the company due to the fact that Dermactin-TS does not appear to have an official online presence. We were able to locate the products on numerous online retail sites, but none of them gave much information about the company or about the products themselves. The products do seem to be sold for a reasonable price and we found costs discounted at many locations.

We find that a lack of information about a company or a product is a significant concern for those shopping for a line of skin care products. Most companies that are confident in the formulas they provide and in the business dealings of their company are willing to disclose all necessary information on a company website that includes ingredient lists and customer testimonials. Since we were unable to find any of this information on the Dermactin-TS line, we certainly have reservations about this line of products regardless of the quality that may be provided.

Product Details

Based on the limited information that is available on the front of the package, the Dermactin-TS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is a concentrated formula that is designed to "smooth skin texture to help reduce crow's feet and fine lines". It also claims to "balance skin tone to help reduce under eye dark circles". There is no information on the packaging or on any websites that sell these products regardingg the ingredients that are supposed to bring on these results. Most anti-aging products that effectively reduce lines and wrinkles will include substances like argireline, matrixyl 3000, soluble collagen or hyaluronic acid. While the Dermactin-TS line may include some of these ingredients, without any sort of disclosure by the company or the retail sites selling the products, we have no way of knowing for sure.The Good

  • The products are readily available at numerous retail sites for a reasonable price.

The Bad

  • There is no online presence for the Dermactin-TS company.
  • There are no ingredient listings for any of this line; not even active ingredients are advertised.
  • There are no customer testimonials that we could find for any of the Dermactin-TS products.
  • The lower prices paired with the lack of full ingredient disclosure may mean the products are of lower quality and will not bring satisfactory results.

The Bottom Line

We would exercise caution when shopping for the Dermactin-TS products, since we could find no information about the company or the specific products themselves. A lack of disclosure tells us that these products may be of poor quality and probably will not bring the desired results. There are plenty of other brands and products available that are much more forthcoming with the information that Dermactin-TS is lacking.

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Dermactin Ingredient Listing

There are ingredient listings for Dermactin on the sallybeauty[dot]com website.

excellent product

I don't remember where I bought dermactin- TS before, but it was an excellent product. The darkness under my eyes became much more clear, and no more puffiness. I cannot find it anywhere. What store has it?

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