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DERMAdoctor is the name of a range of skin care products. In the antiwrinkle range there is the DERMAdoctor wrinkle revenge cream, which is an antiwrinkle cream that the manufacturers claim can improve your wrinkles and general skin quality in a timeframe of six to eight weeks. There is also a DERMAdoctor wrinkle revenge eye balm cream. The primary active ingredient in DERMAdoctor is Peptide D58. As you advance in age, the elastin producing cells known as fibroblasts become less abundant. This leads to less collagen production and thus more fine wrinkle lines. Peptides consist of a small number of amino acids linked by a peptide bond. The manufacturers claim that the amino acid peptides act as a catalyst to the production of fibroblast which in turn improves elastin and makes the skin firmer. The manufacturers assert on their website that this active ingredient will stimulate collagen synthesis, and this in turn will facilitate skin reconstruction. This anti wrinkle cream includes a whole range of other ingredients including Linoleic Acid, Cork Tree Bark extract and Glucosamine.

Product Review

The DERMAdoctor wrinkle revenge face cream costs $72. The manufacturers assert that if you use Dermadoctor as part of your skin care regimen you will see a difference is six to eight weeks. You can also purchase a related wrinkle product for the eyes.

The principle ingredients in the anti wrinkle face cream and eye cream are Peptide D58, Urea, Glucosamine, Sandalwood, Grapeseed, Pomegranate, White Tea Linoleic Acid, Algae, Yeast Extract, and Cork Bark Extract. Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid, and it is known that essential fatty acids are extremely important for good skin quality, especially to avoid dryness. Grapeseed and Pomegranate have important antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are essential for good skin, as they wipe up the free radicals which cause skin damage.

The Good

  • There is an official website for DERMAdoctor.
  • There is a customer service facility where customers can email or telephone with any questions or concerns.
  • The Wrinkle Revenge facial cream has been allergy tested.
  • No animal testing was involved in this product.

The Bad

  • At $72 a bottle, DERMAdoctor is rather expensive.
  • We would like to see some clinical data showing that after six to eight weeks you will really notice a difference.
  • No money back guarantee offered for this product line.
  • No results for over one month.

The Bottom Line

The DERMAdoctor wrinkle revenge face cream contains peptides and antioxidants as the main ingredients. Most anti aging and anti wrinkle creams now contains these ingredients, so we are not sure what really distinguishes this cream from others on the market. We would suggest that before you try this cream you may perhaps want to try a less expensive version which also has peptides and antioxidants. You may find that you get the same effect for less money. We cannot recommend DERMAdoctor until we see hard evidence that it does reduce wrinkles in a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks.

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