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Dermafine-MD is actually a stretch mark cream that bills itself as an “alternative” treatment for those who may be considering Botox and other expensive, invasive procedures. Dermafine-MD claims to slow down the aging of your cells and also claims to be much more effective than products that utilize Retinol and Vitamin C.

Dermafine-MD is manufactured by Pure Source, but there seems to be dozens of companies with that name that span product categories beauty products to woodworking tools, and we can't seem to narrow it down to the company that makes this specific product. Instead, you will have to find Pure Source products such as Dermafine-MD via third party retailers. Dermafine-MD doesn't limit itself to being just a stretch mark cream. The formula they use claims to be a potent mix of peptides, amino acids, fatty acids, and many herbal extracts which may be effective in the treatment of facial wrinkles.

Product Details

Dermafine-MD has a very wide assortment of various peptides, acids, and extracts, making it difficult to ascertain what the true active ingredients are. The first few ingredients in the official ingredients list are water, aloe, sesame oil, and alykl benzonate. Most of the third party retailers that sell this product explain in great depth what Palmitoyl Pentapeptide is and what it does. The websites claim that this ingredient stimulates new growth of collagen and elastin.

Most websites that sell this product suggest that you will begin seeing results within a few weeks, which seems about average for stretch mark treatments. The problem with buying this product from third party retailers is that each one of them will have a different price and return policy. The average price of Dermafine-MD seems to be around $39.95, however.

The Good

  • Dermafine-MD contains numerous peptides and some of these, such as Argireline, are good for the skin.
  • You can order Dermafine-MD from many different places on the Internet.

The Bad

  • We can't actually find the official website for the manufacturer of this product.
  • Dermafine-MD might not contain very powerful anti-aging ingredients.
  • You can buy this product from many third party retailers but you will need to research them to make sure they are legitimate.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cream to help you get rid of stretch marks, you might be interested in Dermafine-MD. Stretch marks can be difficult to treat, and this product may work if you use it for a long period of time. The biggest problem we have is that we can't seem to find the official website for Dermafine-MD. Instead, we have to rely on third party retailers, and these websites may not always be reliable. Obviously, stretch marks are only one symptom of aging skin, so this product will not appeal to every consumer.

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