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DermaFreeze 365 was created and is distributed by Woodridge Labs. Woodridge Labs were founded in 1996 and has developed and marketed many other products through their website. However, potential customers searching the official sight for information will notice that Woodridge Labs discusses their fiscal gains and how many of their products are on the shelves at different stores, but don't really give us any sinformation on the labs themselves.

Product Details

Dermafreeze 365 claims to be a wrinkle relaxing formula that you can put anywhere you find a line on your face. It is specifically made for crow's feet, laugh lines, and lines above your upper lip. The product contains a GABA and Biox complex. They have combined these two ingredients as part of a patent pending GABA-Biox complex. Through outside research and looking through the website we could not determine what the GABA-Biox complex actually consisted of.

Dermafreeze 365 is to be applied after cleansing and moisturizing. The product claims to be safe for use around the eyes. You can also use the product on your neck and chest, however, the website recommends using the product as directed, which is for the face.

The Dermafreeze product claims to offer instant and temporary relief from lines and wrinkles. The effects can wear off in as little as 6 hours. The website claims that with continued use, up to 28 days in a row, you might achieve more consistent results.

The Good

  • Only one product makes it easy to fit into your skin care routine
  • It claims instant results. This could be good for a night out.
  • You can buy directly online or in many stores

The Bad

  • Dermafreeze 365 is not very forthcoming about listing their full ingredients.
  • Woodridge labs produces many different products, meaning that their research and development funding could be spread thin.
  • There are some testimonials and a statement about clinical trials but we didn't really find any scientific studies or clinical trials for the efficacy of this product on the website to back up the statements.

The Bottom Line

Dermafreeze could be a great product if you need a quick lift, but even then, we don't know if it will work for everyone. The lack of information about the product's research and development leaves us with many questions. We would like to see more information about their GABA complex and a full list of ingredients that tells us there is real research behind how well this product performs in the mass market. Many women, and some men, are searching for a wrinkle solution and are tired of buying products that don't work. Woodridge labs would benefit from offering more information beyond a short list of testimonials and some pretty packaging. For the type of savvy customers we have today, information is vital to making an informed decision.

Having noted all this above, with a money back guarantee it could be worth the stretch to find out if you can look 10 years younger for that high school reunion coming up next week. However, those looking for a more long-term care system will wish to keep looking.

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