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DermalActives is a beauty products line that focuses on skin care and anti-aging. The official DermalActives website claims that its products work deep under the skin instead of just on the top layer like many products. DermalActives is a US based company that operates out of Indianapolis, Indiana, but little information is given about the company itself other than its location.

According to the official website, DermalActives has 9 different products available and you can see them only if you click the Order Online button. You must have pop-ups enabled or you will not be able to see any products at all. The 9 products are: Body Scrub, Replenishing Body Butter, Facial Soap Scrub, Nighttime Treatment, Illuminating Fusion Mask, Foot Treatment, Everyday Moisturizer, Daytime Treatment, and Beautifying Facial Peel. The prices of these products range from $70 to $170.

Product Details

Almost every product for sale by DermalActives contains some form of anti-aging ingredient which is nice to see. The Body Scrub contains collagen and elastin as well as many antioxidants. These ingredients may help your skin naturally replenish it's own supply of collagen and elastin as well as fight free radicals. The other ingredients seem mostly natural and are things such as sea salt, fruit extracts, and oils.

A quick look at the other 8 products shows similar ingredients. Unfortunately, some DermalActive products do contain a multitude of parabens, which may have harmful effects on the body if used over long periods of time. These synthetic preservatives have been linked to skin irritation in some users. The official DermalActive website doesn't really contain a lot of useful information and lacks any manufacturer data. They do provide complete lists of ingredients, which is a great way to find out what is actually in the products you are considering.

The Good

  • The complete list of ingredients is posted for each product on the official website.

The Bad

  • DermalActives products don't seem to contain any powerful and proven wrinkle fighting ingredients.
  • You can only view DermalActive products by clicking on the “Order Online” area which opens a pop-up window.
  • Expensive. The cheapest product you will find from DermalActives costs $70 not including shipping and handling charges.

The Bottom Line

DermalActives is an average skin care line that claims to be a great wrinkle fighter but doesn't contain any of the proven ingredients to substantiate that claim. It isn't entirely known how well collagen and elastin are used by the skin when applied in a topical form and the official website doesn't have any clinical trial data to convince us that this is effective. At the time of this review, we recommend skipping DermalActives and using a more well-established product with proven ingredients.

** Our Top Skin Care Choice **

Nue Science Facial Toner


Dermalactives Review

I can't believe I was stupid enough to fall for all the stuff they said about this product. I got snookered into buying it all and, by the way she did it (dividing up the sales into different "sales pitches" and running my credit card each time) I didn't realize how much the total was. Stupid me and I'm sick about it. Haven't been able to sleep because of it. I don't believe these products are worth over $900! What an expensive lesson I just had.

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