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Dermyn Active Serum is a Swedish skin care product that claims to be a “facelift without the knife”. Dermyn Active Serum is sold through third party online retailers in the United States. There does not appear to be an official Dermyn website. Dermyn Active Serum contains a proprietary ingredient called Tricutan, which the retailers’ websites claim increases cell contraction in the epidermis, improves fiber structure in the dermis, and stimulates facial muscles.

According to a retailer’s website, Dermyn won an award in Norway for The Natural Cosmetic Product of the Year. A full ingredient list is available as well as application instructions. Because the product is not sold on the manufacturer’s website, there is no indication of a money-back guarantee on Dermyn products. There also do not appear to be trial sizes or free samples available. The retailers’ website descriptions of Dermyn Active Serum are helpful and there is substantial explanation as to how the product works on the epidermis, dermis and facial muscles along with what role each of these skin layers plays in older-looking skin.

Product Details

The main active ingredient in Dermyn Active Serum is the patented Tricutan Complex, which, according to the company, has been tested by Swedish doctors and is effective on stimulating facial muscles, regenerating collagen and elastin. There is no information available as to what Tricutan is or where it is derived from. The company states that it is from “natural sources”.

Dermyn Active Serum also contains several inactive ingredients, such as Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, a cosmetic thickener, and DMDM hydantoin, a preservative that works by releasing formaldehyde into the product. With ingredients like these, it seems suspect that Dermyn Active Serum won an award for “The Natural Cosmetic Product of the Year”.

Dermyn Active Serum is not marketed as being non-allergenic and, with so many chemical-based additives, including “parfum”, it may react poorly on those who have sensitive or allergic skin.

The Good

  • Works on stimulating facial muscles.
  • Easily available on the internet.

The Bad

  • Main active ingredient is of unknown origin.
  • No links to clinical research supporting the effectiveness of Dermyn Active Serum.
  • Contains fillers and preservatives which may induce allergic reaction
  • No money-back guarantee or product samples available

The Bottom Line

Dermyn Active Serum has a unique angle in that it claims to work not only on the skin but also on the actual facial muscles, promising a “facelift without the knife”. However, little information is available on how effective its main proprietary ingredient is on either stimulating facial muscles or regenerating collagen. The ingredient list contains fillers that may induce allergies in those susceptible, although the entire list of ingredients is available so those with allergies can assess them. The lack of a money-back guarantee or samples means that you may not be able to try the product before purchasing a whole bottle. It also means that if you are not happy with Dermyn Active Serum after investing in a bottle, you will probably be stuck with it.

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