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Devita is a skin care product manufacturer that produces a dizzying array of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, problem skin treatments, rejuvenators and bath and body products. Devita’s products are all formulated from organic essential oils that have been ethically “wild-crafted”, according to company press releases. Devita products can be purchased on the Devita website or through retailers, a list of which Devita provides. There are several products offered by Devita in the rejuvenation arena, including the Sun Damage Repair Serum, the Under Eye Repair Serum, Skin Brightening Serum, 65% Hyaluronic Acid SeruGel, High Performance AHA, Neck & Decollete Serum, Devita-C Accelerator, Optimal Rejuvenation, and Revitalizing Eye Lift Crème. In fact, there are so many Devita rejuvenation products that it may be difficult for the consumer to decide which product is best for them.

Many of the Devita rejuvenating products contain aloe vera gel and peptides. Aloe vera gel is known to soften skin. Peptides are found in many higher-quality anti-wrinkle treatments, although different peptides provide different results. Devita products can be purchased directly from the Devita website and the company provides free shipping on orders over $150. There appears to be no product guarantee available. Sample kits are available for $17.99-$19.99 for sets of product. The kits are grouped into Anti-Aging, Normal Skin, Oily/Acne, and Dry/Mature.

Product Details

Devita products are all natural but that does not necessarily mean that they are non-allergenic. Full ingredient lists are available on the Devita website so that those with sensitive or allergic skin can determine if the products are appropriate for them. The anti-aging products contain ingredients like peptides, squalane, and hyaluronc acid, all of which are commonly found in higher-quality anti-wrinkle formulations. Because the Devita products are all-natural, they do not contain parabens or other lower-quality preservatives and fillers, which frequently are the culprits in allergic reactions.

The Good

  • All natural skin care products.
  • Sample kits are available for purchase.
  • Celebrity testimonials on website.

The Bad

  • No links on company’s website to clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the active ingredients or the product.
  • No money-back guarantee available.
  • Not listed as non-allergenic.
  • Difficult to determine which product is the correct one to treat what.

The Bottom Line

Devita products are interesting in that they are all-natural, which is definitely a hot trend in cosmetics. However, some of their natural ingredients have not been scientifically proven to be effective at rejuvenating skin or reducing wrinkles. Celebrity testimonials on the website lend some weight to Devita’s claims of effectiveness, yet the company doesn’t stand behind its product with a money-back guarantee. Consumers should be aware that if you purchase Devita products and they do not work to your satisfaction, you are then likely to get stuck with the product.

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