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Diadermine wrinkle cream is manufactured by the German company Schwarz Koph and Henkel, which produces cosmetics, skin care products and luxury toiletries, amongst other things. Schwarz and Henkel are an enormous company that employs 53,000 people worldwide. The manufacturers say of this Diadermine cream that it is a high performance skin cream developed by dermatologists that guarantees a more youthful appearance to the skin. They also say that it “plumps” wrinkles in all three dimensions, by targeting wrinkles at their source, and by repairing and stimulating the skin cells to get back to their original healthy status. They assert that the wrinkles are “plumped” from inside, in length, depth and surface. In their marketing material the manufacturers focus on the three dimensional effect of this cream. Products such as moisturizers and skin cleansers are also included in the Diadermine skin care range.

Product Details

The wrinkle cream produced by Diadermine is very popular in Europe, particularly in France and Spain, but is not yet available in shops in the States. Diadermine is sold in a number of online shops but the instructions and information on the cream seem to be primarily in German. Some of the online shops in the States will provide you with a translation when sending out the cream. It is on sale for an average of $125. Although the manufacturers of this cream do have a website, we could not access a comprehensive list of ingredients for Diadermine’s wrinkle cream. It was difficult to find reviews and general info about this product in English.

The Good

  • The manufacturers of this product do have an official website.
  • This wrinkle cream is popular in Europe, especially in France and Germany.
  • The website is easy to navigate.

The Bad

  • Much of the information on Diadermine is in German.
  • You cannot order directly online from the manufacturer’s website.
  • There is no free gift with purchase.
  • It seems like it could be very difficult to obtain Diadermine in the USA, and instructions could not be in English.
  • Purchasing this product from an online shop is expensive.

The Bottom Line

It was difficult to find detailed information in English about this product. At the moment Diadermine is very expensive to buy online from one of the US companies that distribute it, but if you know someone who lives in Germany they may be able to purchase it for you at a much cheaper price. Certainly European women seem to rate it very highly and it is one of the top selling face creams in Spain. Unfortunately, we cannot give an opinion on this product unless we can access reliable information on it. This is difficult to assess until we know what the full ingredients in this product are. At the moment we have not seen any results of standardized controlled tests which show that your wrinkles will be reduced by using this product, and as such at the moment we cannot recommend that you choose this cream over and above another. Of course if we do see the results of some standardized trials, we may change our mind! If the manufacturers of this product want to break in the US market, then more information about it in English will certainly be required.

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