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Dr. Leslie Baumann is a professor of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, the nation’s first and only cosmetic research center. Her product line has been established based on Dr. Baumann's own extensive research in the field of skin health. The official website for Dr. Baumann's products offers answers to frequently asked skincare questions, skincare advice, and many links to products from different manufactures. Dr. Baumann is known for researching and helping along the approval of many products that we are familiar with on the market today, such as Tri-Luma, Hylaform, Botox and more. Dr. Baumann has written some insightful articles and books on promoting healthy skincare, such as “Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice”, “Cosmenceutical Critique” and several others.

Product Details

The official Dr. Baumann website contains a lot of advice on many skincare topics, beauty tips and much more information on maintaining skin health, and it is all free to the public. However, the website does not offer any products by Dr. Baumann that are available for purchase, just various listed retailers for recommended products. All of Dr. Baumann’s skincare products that are recommended are available through the links on the official website, and a portion of the proceeds that are used to purchase these products will go to an organization known as The Dermatology Foundation.

The Good

  • The official website of Dr. Baumann contains a lot of useful skin health information, advice, and beauty tips, all free to the public.
  • There are many questions one may have about their skin issues or health, and many of these questions are answered and listed on the official website.
  • The official website offers links to the recommended products and a portion of the proceeds for purchases of these products go directly to The Dermatology Foundation to further skin health research.

The Bad

  • The Dr. Baumann website does not offer any of the Dr. Baumann products available for purchase.
  • The official website only has limited advice for specific skincare needs.
  • Ingredients intended for diminishing lines and wrinkles do not appear to be included in this product line.
  • May be more for general skin health than for specifically erasing wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

The Dr. Baumann official website contains free information and advice that may be useful for maintaining healthy skin. There are also forums available to the public for those who are interested in trading skincare techniques and advice which, while potentially helpful, will ultimately be more useful when it comes to establishing daily skin care habits than for proactively dealing with wrinkles. There are no products available for purchase from Dr. Baumann on the official website, just several links to other manufactures’ websites and products. For those interested in visibly reducing the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles, the Dr. Baumann website may have some helpful advice about keeping your skin healthier, and we appreciate the work and research that Dr. Baumann has contribute to the field. However, this site appears to have no listed ingredients in the advice section that actually promote diminishing lines and wrinkles.

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