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Dr. Sebagh produces a full line of skin care and anti-aging cleansers, creams and serums. Dr. Sebagh products have been mentioned in many well-known magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, Glamour and Vogue. Dr. Sebagh is touted as the “dermatologist to the stars” and is the developer of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skin care line.

Dr. Sebagh’s Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Care line includes Foaming Cleanser, Purifying Mask, Deep Exfoliating Mask, Essential Glow, Serum Repair, Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, Crème Vital, Natural Replenishing Cream, Sun City Protection. In fact, there are so many anti-aging products in the Dr. Sebagh line that it may be confusing for consumers to choose the products that are best for their skin. Dr. Sebagh products are not available for purchase on the official website but can be purchased at select Barney’s stores and a few online retailers. No prices are offered on the website.

Product Details

All of the Dr. Sebagh products have full ingredient lists on the website. Many of the Anti-Ageing products have anti-wrinkle and collagen building ingredients such as peptides, Vitamin C and fruit acids.

Two surprising common ingredients found in Dr. Sebagh's products are methylparaben and propylparaben. Parabens are cosmetic preservatives that are known allergens. Many of the higher-quality skin care lines exclude these ingredients for that reason. Dr. Sebagh markets its products as top of the line, but still they include parabens. Those with skin sensitivities or allergies should be very cautious of these products until you can determine how they will react with your skin.

The Good

  • Developed by a dermatologist.
  • Products appear in several well-known magazines.
  • Cindy Crawford is associated with many of this doctor's products.

The Bad

  • Not labeled as non-allergenic.
  • Not able to purchase directly from the website.
  • No indication of a product guarantee offered.
  • The sheer number of products may be confusing for consumers.

The Bottom Line

The Dr. Sebagh line of anti-aging products appears very interesting on first glance. Many of the Dr. Sebagh products contain proven ingredients. However, we find the inclusion of lower-quality, allergy-inducing preservatives troubling. One way to truly assess whether a company believes in its products is by its money-back guarantee and, unfortunately, it does not appear that Dr. Sebagh offers one. This makes it very difficult to recommend this line. If you do purchase the Dr. Sebagh skin care products, be aware that you may be stuck with them if they do not work as promised. There are other skin care products on the market that contain proven ingredients and provide you with samples before you purchase, and also with a satisfaction guarantee after you purchase. You may wish to look into those before settling on a treatment line with so many question marks.

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was very helpful

was very helpful

dr. sebagh pregnancy mask

Does this product work for pregnancy mask? I have hyper pigmentation caused by menopause and someone said this product was goo. What do you know?

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