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Ecco Bella is a skin care/cosmetics line that was founded in 1992 by Sally Malanga. She aims to produce skin care and beauty regimens that are formulated from all-natural ingredients and claims to avoid anything to do animal testing. A key ingredient in these products is an advanced antioxidant complex known as liposome encapsulated, which supposedly battles the common signs of aging. Ecco Bella incorporates the "unique" formulations of one Dr. Phillip Cohen, who's a doctor of naturopathy, a holistic medical doctor and a professor of dermatology. While some Ecco Bella treatments are developed for all major skin types, most products appear to be geared toward aging and sensitive complexions. This company endeavors to address common skin afflictions such as fine lines, dryness, crow's feet, facial sagging and wrinkles. Ecco Bella skin treatments are free of fragrances, chemicals and do not contain preservatives. In fact, many of the components used in this skin care line are organic. All Ecco Bella products are non-comedogenic and contain no dairy ingredients. Unlike many major skin care/cosmetic companies, Ecco Bella also offers a skin care regimen for men with sensitive skin. When all is said and done, this sensitive skin care line aims to offer an alternative to chemical skin care products and treatments, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Product Details

Ecco Bella creates skin and hair care products geared toward consumers with sensitive skin. While they claim to avoid association with harsh chemical ingredients and animal testing, they incorporate the primary active ingredient known as an advanced antioxidant complex, liposome encapsulated. These skin and hair treatments are intended to help preserve a person's natural beauty.

The Good

  • The official Ecco Bella website offers all products for purchase online.
  • Ecco Bella skin care treatments include natural moisturizers.
  • The official website offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • Complete product ingredient lists are offered via the website.

The Bad

  • Ecco Bella is not very cost-efficient for the average consumer.
  • The official website lacks customer testimonials.
  • No coupons are offered via the product website.
  • The company is rather young in comparison to countless other skin care/cosmetic companies.
  • Ecco Bella fails to address many typical skin afflictions, but instead focuses mainly on sensitive complexions.

The Bottom Line

Ecco Bella is basically a skin and hair care line that claims to address the redundant issues with sensitive skin and the infinite harsh, chemically infused products on the market. And it is true-many of the potent ingredients found in anti-aging treatments may irritate sensitive skin, especially when combined with harsh sun. Still, in anti-wrinkle products specifically, these ingredients can be the most effective. The founder, Sally Malanga, states that nearly all skin care and cosmetic companies used to load their products down with cheap chemical ingredients that harmed the skin, rather than assisted it. However, many skin care lines make very similar claims. With the attention that they pay to sensitive skin types, Ecco Bella may indeed me a good solution for people who suffer chronically from that problem-some of their moisturizers and creams look solid. However, consumers more interested in treating wrinkles and other effects of aging may wish to keep looking.

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