EGF Anti-Aging Face Cream Review

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EGF Anti-Aging Face Creams are made by a New Zealand company called Velvet Touch. The cream comes in both a day and a night formulation. Both of the EGF Face Creams contain an ingredient called EGF, which stands for epidermal growth factor. EGF Face Cream derives its EGF from deer antlers.

The EGF Anti-Aging Face Cream website is rudimentary and actually rather troubling. There is nothing but a brief description of the two products along with a form that you can print out to fax them in your order. There is no full list of ingredients for the EGF Face Cream provided, nor is there any information on EGF itself or on its supposed benefits for the skin. We will discuss EGF in more detail in the next section. EGF’s return policy on its website simply states to email them and then provides an address to ship the product back to. There do not appear to be product samples available to allow new users to try the product before purchase. There does not appear to be anywhere else except this website to purchase the product.

Product Details

EGF Anti-Aging Face Cream contains EGF, a natural protein found in the body. The company sources their EGF from deer antlers and there is no information we could find to show that this source of EGF is common or effective. EGF is a very controversial ingredient. It has been shown in some studies to regenerate skin cell growth, sometimes to the point of the hair follicles being choked off. Hair loss is a common side effect of this ingredient and in fact, it is often used commercially to remove wool from sheep. Some clinical studies on EGF were halted early due to the toxicity levels of EGF. EGF Anti-Aging Face Cream does not list the concentration of EGF on the website so it is unknown whether the levels are effective or even dangerous.

The company also does not provide a full ingredient listing. It is unknown if the product contains synthetic colors, fragrances, or “fillers”. It is also unknown if it contains allergy-inducing ingredients like parabens. The directions for EGF Anti-Aging Night Cream state that the product can cause irritation and stinging, so another cream should be applied as well. The company does not indicate which ingredient is likely to cause the irritation. Those with skin allergies or sensitive skin should consider avoiding this product.

The Good

  • Contains an active ingredient that may help regenerate skin cells.
  • Can purchase directly from the manufacturer.

The Bad

  • No full ingredient list provided.
  • Active ingredient may cause side effects.
  • No links on website to clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of the active ingredient or the product itself.
  • No labeled as non-allergenic.
  • Not everyone may be comfortable using ingredients derived from deer antlers.

The Bottom Line

Although EGF Anti-Aging Face Cream has a unique angle with its deer antler EGF, there is not enough information available to determine whether the product is effective or even, perhaps, dangerous. Higher-quality anti-wrinkle formulations use proven ingredients like the peptides Matrixyl 3000 and Argiriline, which have scientific support for their effect on mature skin. There is no indication that these ingredients are included in the EGF Face Creams. It is very difficult to recommend a product where the company website is rudimentary and provides little information. The quality of the website may reflect the quality and care put into the product. We recommend searching for a skin care product that has proven ingredients, a strong money-back guarantee, and information available including customer testimonials and clinical studies.

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