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Suzanne Somers is the celebrity behind the FaceMaster product line. This skin care system that is specifically designed to counter the effects of aging and it includes a machine used for stimulating facial muscles, accessories for this machine and a Collagen Enhancing Serum. While we are skeptical of a skin care device that also requires a topical treatment to use with it, we will take a look at this complete ensemble to see if it can deliver what it promises.

According to the product website, this FaceMaster device will get to the heart of the wrinkles; the facial muscles underneath the surface of the skin that begin to sag and lose tone as the years go by. This contraption claims to stimulate and tone those muscles, which will in turn leave the skin smoother and wrinkle free. While the product website includes customer testimonials and before and after photos to impress consumers as to the effectiveness of the product, there is little evidence to back up the claims of the FaceMaster system. Therefore, for the purpose of this review, we will take a closer look at the topical solution that is included in this product line; the FaceMaster Collagen Enhancing Serum.

Product Details

We like the indication from the title of this product that its main purpose is to encourage collagen production in the skin. This is a substance that is naturally produced by the body but that is lost as we age, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Unfortunately, this "powerful peptide serum" does not include all of the ingredients in the formula on the product website. What it does list is sea algae extracts, antioxidants and "unique anti-aging ingredients". And what might these unique anti-aging ingredients be? We would hope they would include patented peptide complexes like matrixyl or argireline. Perhaps a proven skin hydrator like hyalruonic acid. However, the product website does not choose to enlighten us on the specifics.

We would caution consumers against purchasing skin care products that do not disclose a full ingredient list. This information is vital for savvy consumers to determine both the effectiveness and safety of products. Without it, we fear it is a case of "buyer beware" for those looking to meet their skin care needs.

The Good

  • The FaceMaster website provides a 30-day money back guarantee on all products purchased through the company.

The Bad

  • There is not sufficient evidence to suggest that the FaceMaster machine will provide the desired effect.
  • The serum that is offered with the machine does not provide a full ingredient list.
  • The substances that are listed for the serum are not proven anti-aging ingredients.

The Bottom Line

While some consumers might be tempted by a product offered by an attractive celebrity like Somers, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the product itself to determine whether it is a good buy. In the case of the FaceMaster machine and serum, we have to say that the facts and ingredients just don't seem to support the claims.

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