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Haloxyl is an ingredient found in several skin care products on the market today. More specifically, it is often a key ingredient in products that are promoted as reducing dark-circles under the eye region. The manufacturers of this ingredient are a pharmaceutical lab called Sederma. An official website for Sederma can be found, however little information is obtained about the Haloxyl compound. The manufacturers do claim that they are a leading manufacturer of several types of ingredients found in the cosmetic industry today. They insist that the Haloxyl element has been created in their laboratories and extensive research has been preformed. The company states that since they began in the early 60’s, they have specialized in biotechnology, molecular synthesis and vegetable extraction. According to third party websites, the company declares that Haloxyl could be found in various anti-aging products as well as wrinkle reduction creams and lotions.

The Sederma official website has information regarding all of the ingredients that they manufacturer and license. However, they do not spend time discussing each compound. An individual can view media coverage, press releases and locate contact information for the Sederma company. There is also a place on the website where you can view their active ingredients, including Haloxyl.

Product Details

According to the manufacturers, Haloxyl is a synthetic ingredient designed to reduce dark circles under the eyes. A third party website states that this element locates underlying causes of the dark circles. They state that this blemish is not necessarily caused by less sleep or stress. The website explains that it may be a form of skin that is more likely to become discolored. Apparently, there have been clinical studies preformed on the Haloxyl element. These tests clarify that the compound works fairly well for the discoloration. The study states that between 19% and 45% improvement was confirmed. Other studies demonstrated that Haloxyl enhanced and stimulated the natural elements in the skin to assist in reducing the darkness and restoring the skin components that keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

The Good

  • Clinical studies have been preformed on the effectiveness and safety of the Haloxyl ingredient.
  • Several products on the market may in fact use this ingredient as one of their featured active ingredients.
  • The manufacturers have a website that a person can view information about the company and their practices.

The Bad

  • Since Haloxyl is an ingredient, not a fully formulated product, the effectiveness of other products that make use of it could depend heavily on the other ingredients those manufacturers have chosen to incorporate.
  • Free trials, money back guarantees or return policies may not be present.
  • An individual may have a difficult time locating a product with the Haloxyl ingredient present.
  • The patent on this element is still pending.

The Bottom Line

There may be a large amount of products on the market that contain the Haloxyl ingredient. An individual interested in Haloxyl can learn more about these licensed manufacturers and their business practices on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, it may be somewhat hard to locate a product with this certain ingredient present. A person will need to research their dark eye skin care product closely to find the one that contains Haloxyl. In our experience, this licensed ingredient appears more frequently in products that treat dark under eye circles than in products devoted to fighting wrinkles.

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cant we get this products in nigeria

i have tried to see if i can order this product from online but there is no provision for nigerians it seems. i would love to try out this product.

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