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Hyluronic Acid is present in every tissue of the body. It has many functions including stimulating the tissue’s water retention capabilities. Hyluronic Acid also helps to provide nutrients and remove waste from cells that do not have a direct blood supply. Additionally, Hyluronic Acid is found in the skin and in the synovial fluid in the joint cavities. Hyluronic acid is now used frequently by manufacturers of topical anti-aging creams. Many anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams contain hyluronic acid as the major active ingredient in the cream, as it is said to be natural wrinkle filler, and there is little or not chance of the body reacting badly with it. Injections of Hyluronic Acid are also available. Professionals who promote these injections of Hyluronic Acid say that it can improve the skin’s contour, reduce wrinkles and also help correct skin damage due to scarring.

Product Details

Many people choose to have Hyluronic Acid injections as a safer alternative to Botox. Hyluronic Acid injections are natural and are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. However, approval with regards to safety does not necessarily mean approval in terms of efficacy. Those that have these injections may experience redness and swelling for a week after. However, injections of Hyluronic Acid are not a permanent anti-aging solution. Even if the injections do manage to diminish your wrinkles, the Hyluronic Acid will eventually break down in your body and you will therefore need another treatment. Hyluronic Acid is also present in some chemical peels and, again, you can expect some soreness and swelling after the chemical peel.

There are a number of anti-aging face creams on the market, which contain Hyluronic Acid. There are also Hyluronic Acid supplements available which can be taken orally. However, some experts urge caution with these supplements as they say that we do not know what their long-term side effects are. Some users who have taken these supplements have reported skin rashes.

The Good

  • Hyluronic Acid Injections are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.
  • A wide range of products containing Hyluronic Acid are available.
  • Anti-aging creams containing Hyluronic Acid can be ordered on line.

The Bad

  • Injections of Hyluronic Acid can cause swelling and redness.
  • We do not know what the long term effects of Hyluronic Acid Injections.
  • There is no actual concrete evidence that Hyluronic Acid in anti-aging creams is effective.
  • Supplements of Hyluronic Acid may cause skin rashes.

The Bottom Line

It seems as if Hyluronic Acid injections may have a positive effect on your lines and wrinkles. Some may prefer these injections as a safer alternative to other toxin injections available such as Botox, since Hyluronic Acid is deemed to be a natural substance. However the effect of Hyluronic injections does not last and we do not know what the long term effects are. Many consumers seeking wrinkle treatments may wish to avoid needles entirely in favor of a sophisticated topical wrinkle fighting option.

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