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Hymed produces a line of skin care products including cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. The Hymed line includes: Super Hydrating Facial Lotion, Liquid Soap, Professional Hydrating Treatment, and the Glycolic Home Treatment.

At the time of this review, the Hymed website was undergoing reconstruction, so available information was reviewed via the online retailers’ websites. According to this information, the Hymed product line is “scientifically designed to provide visible results”. There are many skin care companies that make this claim, but we always look for documented proof to back it up. Unfortunately, none of the online retailers’ sites we studied had any links to clinical trials or studies supporting these claims. Because the products cannot at this time be purchased on the manufacturer’s website, there does not appear to be a money-back guarantee. Product samples also do not appear to be available.

Product Details

There are very few product details available for the Hymed line of skin care products, leading us to conclude that they are not likely to contain effective anti-aging and skin rejuvenating ingredients like collagen and peptides. The Hymed Facial Lotion may be based on alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which are known to strip away dead skin cells. AHA is also known to irritate sensitive skin and can cause rashes and chemical burns. AHA is definitely not an ingredient that is appropriate for all consumers. The Liquid Soap simply claims to be an antimicrobial cleanser gentle enough for sensitive skin. The Hymed Glycolic Home Treatment is said to contain multifruit acids, nourishing anti-oxidants and sun protection. The Professional Hydrating Treatment contains hyaluronic acid, an important ingredient we always look for in an anti-aging treatment, and antioxidants, although the website does not state what these antioxidants consist of.

Without a full list of ingredients, it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of the products. For example, the Hymed products could contain synthetic dyes, fragrances and “fillers” that make the product less effective or that are not appropriate for those with skin allergies or similar conditions.

The Good

  • Some products contain ingredients that may moisturize skin.
  • Can purchase at online retailers.

The Bad

  • No money-back guarantee apparent.
  • May not contain effective anti-aging ingredients.
  • No full ingredient list is available.
  • No official web presence.

The Bottom Line

Hymed appears to be just another middle-of-the-pack skin care line. Although we like that the Professional Hydrating Treatment contains hyaluronic acid, many of the other ingredients appear ordinary and these are not particularly proven effective. The fact that there is no full ingredient list means that it is difficult to assess if the Hymed products contain low-quality “filler” ingredients or ones that are likely to induce allergies. With all of the high-quality anti-aging products available that have clinically-proven ingredients and a company that backs those products with a satisfaction guarantee, it is difficult to recommend the Hymed line.

** Our Top Skin Care Choice **

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