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In An Instant is a different kind of wrinkle fighting treatment produced by the beauty care manufacturing giant Guthy-Renker. Guthy-Renker are also responsible for popular products like Proactive and Youth Beauty. In An Instant is endorsed by supermodel-turned-reality show hostess Heidi Klum, which has earned it instant attention within the wrinkle fighting market. But what is the glamorous Ms. Klum actually advertising? Heidi Klum’s In An Instant isn’t a cream or a serum; rather, it is a pen. In An Instant claims to use “magical moisture spheres” to “fill in lines.” The In An Instant pen retails for $39.95.

”Just twist, apply, and watch as visible lines and wrinkles instantly smooth away!” boasts the official In An Instant website. In addition to the In An Instant pen, it seems that you also get Heidi’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser, an Intensive Firming Serum, and a Daily Tinted Moisturizer. This entire package is advertised on the official website as the In An Instant 30-Day System.

Product Details

Heidi Klum’s In An Instant wrinkle reduction kit consists of four separate products. Currently, it seems to be available for $39.95 and shipping is free. It seems that, by ordering through the official website, you will be automatically enrolled to receive a new shipment of In An Instant products every three months. The website provides superficial descriptions of each In An Instant product but we were unable to discover any ingredients. This means that the only active In An Instant ingredient that we’re aware of is the previously mentioned “magical moisture spheres.” The website also claims that results are “instant” after one application.

The Good

  • No one’s going to say that Heidi Klum doesn’t look great!
  • Products are easy to order from the official In An Instant website.
  • Usage directions for all products are posted on the official website.

The Bad

  • Very few details on the official In An Instant site regarding what actually goes into any of these products.
  • We wonder how much Heidi is getting paid to put her name on In An Instant.
  • It’s difficult to tell, but it doesn’t seem like these products contain the potent wrinkle fighting ingredient Matryxil 3000.
  • A four-step wrinkle fighting regimen may be too time consuming and tedious for some users.
  • No free trial offer of In An Instant is available from the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

Heidi Klum’s In An Instant looks like a passable wrinkle treatment routine. The official In An Instant website is slick, but ultimately not much info is given on the actual products and what they contain. Additionally, many consumers may want a simpler treatment than the four-step, multi-product regimen suggested by In An Instant. We would pick a product that offers fewer steps, more ingredient info and maybe even a free trial, so consumers can make up their minds before giving up their cash.

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