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Founded by Elizabeth Francis, iQ Derma is a California-based company that markets a line of skin care products. Most of the products in the iQ Derma line are advertised as anti-wrinkle or skin-firming treatments. The company philosophy is based on the usage of “Intelligent Ingredients” to target the “7 invisible causes of aging skin.” Much of their product line and their website is focused on preventative care, rather than post-damage treatment, so these products will do little to aid with already existing wrinkles.

Product Details

The seven invisible causes of aging skin identified by iQ Derma include reduced cellular activity, free radical attack, collagen and elastin breakdown, fatty tissue buildup, cellular deterioration, weakened capillaries, and degradation of the skins moisture barrier. Correspondingly, each of iQ Derma’s products uses combinations of ingredients that are expected to address certain combinations of these issues. To address all seven causes of skin aging using the iQ Derma line requires investment in multiple products.

Each product sold by iQ Derma claims to contain up to five of these active ingredients in high concentrations compared to many less-expensive skin care products. IQ Derma claims to use a unique formulation of ingredients based on proprietary MultiActive and TransDerma technologies which, together, are referred to as an “intelligent delivery system” that releases the active ingredients to the skin over time, rather than simply at the time of application.

iQ Derma claims to use no harsh chemicals, toxins, or perfumes in their products, which can make them attractive to consumers with allergies. Additionally, while their products are not eligible for FDA approval, they are manufactured in FDA approved manufacturing facilities, and as such adhere to the FDA’s strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Good

  • 30 day money-back guarantee (less shipping & handling) on all products.
  • The iQ Derma website has a customizable portal that facilitates placing and tracking orders, especially for repeat customers.

The Bad

  • Heavy use of "simulated imagery" on both the banner ads as well as the official website calls into question what kind of actual results a customer can expect.
  • Optimal results are only expected to appear after 56 days of conscientious use.
  • The MultiActive approach may not provide the ideal combination of active ingredients for all skin types and conditions.
  • Customer testimonials on the iQ Derma website do not show before/after photos.
  • These formulas do little to repair existing damage, and our more for protecting unwrinkled skin.

The Bottom Line

While iQ Derma’s products may be a good choice for short term masking of signs of aging and other skin damage, there is no evidence that, in the long term, their products offer any lasting improvements. Indeed, the iQ Derma official website makes the claim that usage of iQ Derma products can prevent the signs of aging but also states unequivocally that their products provide no permanent benefits. As tools for daily maintenance, the iQ Derma range of products may be effective for some users. At least the product come with a 30-day “bottom of the bottle” unconditional money-back guarantee—just don’t lose your receipt!

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