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Laneige is a cosmetic/skin care line that’s suited for women. This word actually means “the snow.” Like numerous other companies, this line offers makeup and skincare sections. Although Laneige is an Asian brand, it does cater to numerous countries, including the U.S., around the world. The official website calls this cosmetic line “chic” and states that it is for sophisticated women who desire to be different. Under the skin care section of Laneige, there are eight different lines to suit different skin types. These are Perfect Renew, Basic Line, Ultra Hydro, Water Bank, Star White, Pore Line, Suncare, and Special Line. Each of these lines aim to address different skin concerns.

To focus more specifically on a certain line of treatments for Laneige, we’ll look at the Perfect Renew line. The official pitch for this group of facial products is “younger skin that shines like snow.” The six topical treatments offered in this line are called Perfect Renew Skin, Emulsion, Essence, Dual Touch Eyes, Cream, and Sleeping Treatment. Basically these products endeavor to combat routine signs of aging when they begin. This involves wrinkle prevention, increased collagen levels, sufficient hydration and facial firming. Key active ingredients incorporated into these Laneige products are Hyaluronic Acid, Konjac Mannan Extract, Sugar Cane, Ceramide, Aloe Vera, Chestnut Extract, Pommegranate Extract, Almond Extract and Cocoa Extract.

Product Details

Laneige is a full line of skin care and makeup products suited for women of all skin types and nationalities. Some of the goals of Laneige treatments are to assist with daily skin care maintenance, hydrate dry skin, remedy blemishes, combat wrinkles and prevent aging. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any real clinical studies presented on the official website, nor are there any customer testimonials provided to support Laneige skin care treatments. There are detailed directions offered on the website describing how each topical product should be applied each day. However, there do not appear to be any prices posted next to Laneige treatments.

The Good

  • All Laneige skin care treatments are presented with descriptions on the official website.
  • The major active ingredients offered in Laneige products are posted on the website for consumers to see.

The Bad

  • Sadly all the ingredients incorporated into Laneige products are not revealed, which may present issues for some individuals with allergies.
  • The actual prices for these skin care treatments are not provided on the website.
  • It’s unclear whether or not Laneige products can be purchased directly through the website.
  • Testimonials from past users are not offered on the website for support.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, it’s nice to see that Laneige offers skin care treatments that potentially suit all women, regardless of age and skin type. Furthermore, product photos and decent descriptions are presented on the website, which is always nice. But, it’s important to consider the fact that prices are left off of the website. This may mean that the entire Laneige line is not available via the Internet. This naturally poses the question; where does one acquire Laneige skin care and makeup products?

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