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Lifestyle Lift was created by Dr. David Kent in 2001. Dr. Kent is a plastic surgeon, and he realized there was something missing in the anti-wrinkle and droopy skin marketplaces. He noticed that women between the ages of 45 and 65 were past the point where Botox would work very effectively around the jaw and mouth areas, but that these women might not need or want expensive surgical procedures with a long recovery time. Lifestyle Lift was created to be a “Facial Firming Procedure” that gives women another option in the battle against age.

Unlike many surgical procedures, Lifestyle Lift only requires a general anesthetic so that you can remain alert the entire time. The benefits of Lifestyle Lift cover a wide range. The official Lifestyle Lift website claims that this procedure will restore your neck and jaw to a more youthful state, as well as smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Product Details

Lifestyle Lift is still a cosmetic surgery procedure, even though it claims to be much less invasive than your traditional facelift and to target different trouble areas. Lifestyle Lift pitches this procedure to women who want to get rid of those sagging “jowls” and loose skin in the neck area, as well as women who are looking to eliminate frown lines and deep facial wrinkles.

The official Lifestyle Lift website doesn't go into much detail about the actual mechanics of the procedure, but instead focuses on the claimed benefits. There are numerous case studies posted that include before and after pictures. The pictures almost seem too good to believe, so you may want to do a little double checking if you are considering this type of procedure. The official website tells you what doctors are able to perform the Lifestyle Lift, where you can have the procedure done, and also offers a free consultation page. Unfortunately, Lifestyle Lift isn't available in all areas so you may have to travel quite a distance if you have your heart set on this relatively new procedure.

The Good

  • Lifestyle Lift claims to provide a very long-term solution to wrinkles and drooping skin.

The Bad

  • As with any surgical procedure, side effects may occur.
  • This procedure will cost you more than $5000.00 on average.
  • You will need some time to heal after this procedure.
  • The details of the procedure itself are not very clear on the official Lifestyle Lift site.

The Bottom Line

Lifestyle Lift may appeal to middle-aged women who don't want to take the plunge by getting a full facelift, but who also aren't seeing very good results with Botox. Lifestyle Lift really tries to slide into the pre-facelift market and they may very well succeed. Before considering any type of surgical procedures, make sure to consult your physician and get their opinion. With the scientific advances found in many new wrinkle creams, you may want to try a powerful serum or wrinkle fighter before you decide on surgery.

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lifestyle lift

There is a Dr in Las Vegas, Nevada. All the credentials are there for him.Not only this procedure has its ill effects but regular plastic surgery has also. It all depends on your Doctor....NOT the procedure. Look at some of the stars and their face-lifts...NOT done by Lifestyle Lift,but the regular procedure.Check the Dr out.The Doctor I know was recognized as one of the Top Physicians in Facial Plastic Surgery by the Consumers research Council of America in 2007. So do not take the 205 complaints out of millions performed.

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