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The Luxiva skin care line is manufactured by Merle Norman Cosmetics. The products are sold through spas across the US and Canada. Opportunities to purchase Luxiva are plentiful, with over 2000 authorized retailer locations to choose from. Merle Norman began her career in the 1920s. She believed that women as well as men deserved a better treatment with regards to skin and body care. When she first started out, Merle would give free samples to neighbors hoping that they would return as paying customers. Her business model was correct. The studio she went on to design was located in California. Merle’s business practices were unique. She had a policy in place that the consumers could try the products before they purchased the merchandise. This seemed to work in her favor. Nowadays, an individual can quickly begin their own franchise of Merle Norman Cosmetics.

An official website is in place for the Merle Norman Cosmetics company and their skin care line Luxiva. A person can explore information about the business, learn how to start their own franchise and view the Luxiva line. Unfortunately, the website does not offer prices or purchasing directly from the website. However, the company offers a studio search to find the closet studio possible. The official website also presents special deals and a frequently updated new information section. An individual can check back often to find new products and purchasing deals.

The Luxiva line is mainly comprised of anti-aging creams and lotions. These products include but are not limited to moisturizers, eye care, special treatment, sensitive skin items as well as a men’s section. The Luxiva skin care line on the website offers information about the product. This allows a person to view the benefits of each item. However, an individual cannot purchase directly from their company.

Product Details

The Luxiva line from Merle Norman Cosmetics offers several products to choose from. An individual will have over 70 items to decide upon. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the products are only a few lines and ingredients on the merchandise are not present on the official website. Testimonials about the Luxiva skin care line cannot be found on the official website either. An individual may be able to locate these pieces of information from a third party website.

The Good

  • The Luxiva website does display some information about the company, a store locator and product descriptions.
  • An individual may find sales prices or coupons for a local studio on the site.
  • The Merle Norman Cosmetics website is simple to navigate through.

The Bad

  • Testimonials cannot be found through their official website.
  • A person cannot purchase Luxiva products through the site.
  • Neither prices nor ingredients for the merchandise are present.
  • The Luxiva studio locator is a great tool; however the studio near an individual may be over 100 miles away.

The Bottom Line

We certainly do admire the marketing savvy behind Luxiva. However, when a company does not place prices or ingredients on their products, one may wonder why. A potential customer could end up driving a long way to even view the products first hand. It is unknown if the merchandise even works because testimonials from satisfied customers are not present. Nevertheless, it may be worth a small drive to view the items first hand. That is if there is a studio location near a person’s home.

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