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Since 1929 the Luzier family has been producing cosmetics and creams specifically designed for the everyday woman, and Luzier itself holds some notable accolades, such as being one of the earliest companies to utilize vitamins and botanicals in their skincare line. Today Luzier is still busy at work, working to create skincare products to benefit all sorts of women-related issues. Anti-aging formulas are a huge part of Luzier's product line, as they have been for the past 85 years, and women can choose gentle cleansers, fortified masques, or Luzier moisturizers to best fit their needs. Skincare systems are also a new component at Luzier, with the option to choose between Collagen-infused treatment kits or Retinol treatment systems. Paired with the affordable price, this is also a budget-friendly skincare line.

Retinol and Collagen are popular components of most skin creams, but you won't normally find products offering it for Luzier's price. Luzier has been around since the turn of the century and has made some notable advances, and is still clearly making an impact. There are a couple of issues with their products, however.

Product Details

Luzier's treatment kits are mostly aimed at decreasing fine lines and wrinkles naturally, but an ingredient list obtained from a separate source shows that the formula isn't always natural at all. All of their products are loaded with synthetic ingredients and chemicals, which do not provide any benefits. In fact, some ingredients may aggravate the skin. It is important to note that vitamins and minerals are still included, including Vitamin A and E, along with soluble Collagen. These vitamins do offer legitimate, proven benefits, which include powerful antioxidants that help eliminate adverse factors from damaging skin cells. Soluble Collagen also helps improve skin cells by strengthening its bond, which may decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen itself is a natural element found in skin cells that dissipates over time -- some argue that replenishing the skin’sCollagen supply can help promote younger-looking skin.

Our biggest issue with Luzier is the use of synthetic ingredients, and the fact that they try to hide this by stating that their products contain all-natural ingredients. This is certainly not the case, and can mislead customers into thinking they produce all-natural products.

The Good

  • Contains Collagen, which may help lessen the appearance of wrinkles.
  • They offer very affordable creams and kits.

The Bad

  • Their products only contain a small amount of natural ingredients.
  • They do not offer any smaller samples or trail sizes to purchase.
  • It appears to be an online-only product line.

The Bottom Line

Luzier gains its popularity due to its history and its affordable products, but these products only provide minimal benefits, and some consumers may want more from their products than minimal relief. The sheer volume of synthetic ingredients used in Luzier products is also an issue, especially since they claim they include numerous natural ingredients. If price is your only issue, however, than this may be one choice to consider.

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