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Nicholas Perricone, M.D. is the founder of NV Perricone, M.D. Ltd. and a board certified clinical and research dermatologist. NV Perricone, M.D. is known primarily for its skin care line. However, NV Perricone features other products such as weight loss supplements, body products that tone, firm and hydrate skin, a skin care line designed just for men, treatment for spider veins and a lip plumper. Dr. Perricone is the author of several books. Most recently, Dr. Perricone published 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity which came out in Fall 2006. In addition, he has made several television appearances on programs such Oprah, Larry King Live, CNN and Extra to name a few. Dr. Perricone has also been highly publicized in national magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Vogue, People and USA Today. The basis of Dr. Perricone’s work is to combat the signs of aging which lie in his efforts to reduce cellular inflammation through diet, exercise, stress reduction, topical antioxidant serums, dietary supplements and limited exposure to environmental pollutants and UV rays. Dr. Perricone claims that aging can be reversed and/or delayed by controlling internal inflammation caused by the above-mentioned factors.

Product Detail

The featured product is Dr. Perricone’s Amine Complex Face Lift (Vitamin C Ester). This product contains patented Vitamin C Ester, or ascorbyl palmitate, combined with a fatty acid which claims to remove some of the acidity found in Vitamin C so as prevent skin irritation. Dr. Perricone claims that this product contains the most highly potent levels of Vitamin C Ester that this fatty acid will allow. It is suggested that this product be used in the mornings.

Dr. Perricone contends that Amine Complex Face Lift unites the benefits of Vitamin C Ester and NTP Complex (containing DMAE) to increase firmness and tone while imparting a healthy glow to tired or dull skin. Vitamin C is important for collagen production. Collagen is important in maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Humans lack the ability to be able to produce their own Vitamin C thus they must obtain this important antioxidant through diet, supplements and topical creams and serums. Dr. Perricone’s “NTP Complex” claims to “boost nutrients available to the skin, providing greater muscle tone”. However, Dr. Perricone’s website makes no mention of how this product allows “greater muscle tone” to be achieved. While Vitamin C ester is an important antioxidant to support any anti-aging regimen, potential buyers will be left wondering what the NTP Complex consists of, how it works and whether it will cause adverse effects when combined with products that are already a part of your daily skin care regimen.

The Good

  • Dr. Perricone’s website features patient testimonials.
  • The website features case studies relating to weight loss, pheromones, and anti-aging all linked to Dr. Perricone’s philosophy and products.
  • Dr. Perricone’s products are easily purchased via the website. Overnight shipping is available.

The Bad

  • There are so many products that it is difficult to discern what to purchase.
  • The products are relatively expensive compared to similarly situated products on the market. For example, the featured product is $90.
  • Samples are not available via the website.
  • Many of the products appear to overlap themselves in terms of function and purpose.

Product Summary

Dr. Perricone’s Amine Complex Face Lift (Vitamin C Ester) will support any anti-aging beauty regimen with its use of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a commonly used ingredient in many anti-aging products and one should not be lured by Dr. Perricone’s Amine Complex Face Lift by its inclusion of this ingredient. While Vitamin C is important it may not be $90 worth of important and why doesn’t Dr. Perricone’s website tell us what the NTP Complex consists of and/or how it works to “tone” skin? Dr. Perricone appears to be a heavily endorsed dermatologist which may explain his rather expensive prices. Further, the vast array of skin products can be overwhelming and many of these products appear to serve the same function.

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trialpericone kit from qvc

For years I have wanted to try Dr.Pericone's product but have been overhwlemed with all the products offeredand the very high prices. Finally Qvc offered a kit with a cleanser, face activator, wrinkle serum and night replenishing cream for approx $200 shipping inclouded... I was elated.. I have used it for two days and I am very disappointed.. The cleanser doesn't have asn emollient that disolves your make up.. It makes my face feel tight and dry as compared to a cheap clesnsing cream that disolves the make up, followed by Dove soap to clean.. After that treatment, my face always feels good and is clean.. I follow that with Derma E Ester C, DMEA, and Alphalipoic acid serum, which makes my skin feel wonderful and the Ester C helps to rebuild collagen.. I believe Pericone has a serum with those three products in it.. I follow that with Olay Regenerist microsculpting night cream.. I wake up looking much better than I have the last two mornings.. I will continue to use the Pericon products for three weeks and I will glady post a rebuttal to my own statement if I can see the fabulous results they have promised.... I pray I do.. .... Pericon has so manmy products that seem to overlap each other. It is very confusing trying to determine which produccts to use..

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