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What You Should Know
Nue Science Cell Revival is our top-rated anti-aging system based on effectiveness of ingredients, value and product guarantee.

5/12/11 UPDATE: When we picked Nue Science as our top choice, it had only been on the market for 2 months. Now that more people have tried it out, the positive user reviews are rolling in—Click Here to read for yourself!

Nue Science is an innovative three-step skin care system formulated by Lovely Laban, a California-based gerontology expert. The three steps in the Nue Science wrinkle-fighting regimen are:

  • The Firming Toner.
  • The Age Repair Serum.
  • The Age Defense Moisturizer.

One of the first things that caught our attention about the Cell Revival system was that it makes use of many of the latest wrinkle-fighting technologies to both repair AND protect. The list of ingredients for the three Nue Science products includes the patented, engineered peptides Matrixyl 3000 and Coenzyme Q10 in the Serum, the proven collagen enhancer hyaluronic acid in the toner, and the new UV screening bioactive molecule Uniprotect-PT-3 in the moisturizer. This means that the Nue Science system both helps to repair skin damage that leads to aged skin, and also protects against photodamage. Click here to get a trial of the Nue Science Cell Revival kit from the official website and see before/ after results for yourself!

The inclusion of topically absorbable antioxidants from Goji berries and Vitamin E mean that the moisturizer also protects against other environmental factors that cause skin damage. Many products that we’ve looked at either repair or protect, which is why it’s good to see a set that takes care of both.

Additionally, Nue Science offers the whole kit via a trial offer, proving that the manufacturers have enough confidence in their product that they’re not afraid to let potential customers try it out first to see if it’s a good match.

Finally, we were impressed by what Nue Science DOESN'T have: The official website promises these products are free of synthetic parabens, artificial fragrances and GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms.) All of these ingredients found in cheap skin care products can potentially irritate skin and even cause allergic reactions or breakouts.

***Learn more about Nue Science here, or keep reading below...

Product Details
Here is a closer analysis of what goes into each step of the Nue Science .

The Firming Toner: This is primarily a repair agent, and it also functions as a prep cleanser for the other two steps of the system. Hyaluronic acid is the primary ingredient here. Continued topical use of hyaluronic acid has been shown to hydrate and sooth damaged skin, resulting in a more supple skin tone. It also contains witch hazel, a natural cleanser that has been shown to sooth blemishes and unblock clogged pores.

The Age Repair Serum: This seems to be the most potent step of the Nue Science routine. The Serum is 5% Matrixyl 3000. This patented peptide is licensed for use from a European development lab. The key molecule in Matrixyl 3000 is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, which is a synthetic replica of a collagen molecule found in youthful skin. As we age and skin becomes damaged, production of this molecule slows. Several top-of-the-line anti-aging products currently feature Matrixyl 3000, but few none pair it with a separate cleanser/ toner. This helps the molecule penetrate the two outer layers of the skin, getting to the subcutis where it is most effective at stimulating collagen production. The Age Repair Serum also contains Coenzyme Q10, another patented ingredients that has been proven to “fill in” fine lines by tightening the skin’s matrix. Finally, the Serum contains Goji Berry, one of the latest sources of topical antioxidants. Antioxidants are important since they combat free radicals found in air pollution and UV rays. These are two of the biggest skin damage culprits.

The Age Defense Moisturizer: We really like this last step in the Nue Science Cell Revival system. Many anti-aging treatments either repair or protect, but this system does both, which we feel is crucial for maintaining young, healthy skin. In addition to pleasantly moisturizing the skin, this product acts as a powerful skin protector. It features the bioactive molecule Uniprotect PT-3, which is one of the newest and strongest UV protectors available. In addition, it also include the UV protector ingredients Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide. This ensures that you won’t incur any additional skin damage while working to repair damage that may already be visible.

Learn more about these three products and request a trial kit on the official manufacturer's website--Click Here.The combination of these three products, in addition to the positive user testimonials offered on the official product websites, are what made Nue Science Cell Revival system our top choice.
The Good

  • Nue Science Cell Revival kit repairs AND protects your skin, when many products focus on one or the other only.
  • Nue Science offers a trial of their Cell Revival kit, proving that they believe in their product. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, allowing potential customers to see if it’s right for their skin before spending any money.
  • No parabens, fragrances or GMO's.
  • The Cell Revival kit is certified cruelty-free by the Coalition For Consumer Information On Cosmetics.
  • There are user testimonials featured on the official product website.
  • Nue Science is a supporter of The Pink Party, an annual fashion benefit to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness efforts.
  • Polite and timely customer service line.

The Bad

  • This kit is currently only available online, meaning you can’t find it at a local brick and mortar drug store.
  • The trial of Nue Science Cell Revival seems to only be available in the United States.

The Bottom Line
What we really like about this kit is that it’s a one-step skin care solution. By combing skin repair and skin protection, your skin tone will see quick improvement while you also build a long-term foundation for overall healthier skin. This holistic approach makes more sense to us than many of the “instant” skin creams that promise quick results but do little to help protect against new damage. Plus, there are no prescriptions or injections, which means no potentially expensive and time-consuming doctor's appointments. We were also very impressed with the generous trial offer and 30-day money back guarantee, and with the quality of customer service when we called with questions.

Click Here To Visit The Official Nue Science Website

** Our Top Skin Care Choice **

Nue Science Facial Toner


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