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Oleda Baker is a young and vibrant 72 year old woman. When she was the tender age of 12, she began hairstyling for friends and family. Her father was so impressed with her talent that he offered to pay for beauty school. Oleda had different plans, though. When she was 26 she decided to uproot her family and travel to New York to begin a career as a model. She claims that the agents were very impressed that she appeared to be only 19 years old. As her modeling was taking off, she discovered that the beauty industry was lacking new and improved methods of skin treatments. This is when she began the Oleda company. She states that the most important aspect of controlling age is the types of nutrients that are put in and outside of the body. Oleda’s product line has grown to litereally over hundreds or different types of beauty treatments and anti-aging products.

The official website of the Oleda company includes various pieces of information. A person can explore their product lines, view information about the company and obtain tips on anti-aging. There is a video from Oleda explaining her mission and suggesting that any questions can be addressed to her. She promises that every email will be answered. The website also presents consumer testimonials, free shipping on order over $60 as well as a complete print catalog.

The prices of the products vary. At the low end, a person can locate several products for fewer than $10. On the higher scale, an individual may be looking at around $150. There are several types of merchandise to choose from. A person may be interested in hair, skin or eye products. Pearls and gift items can also be located. The Oleda line also carries a men’s section, weight loss products and a gift portion. Detailed information about each product can be obtained from the site as well.

Product Details

Each piece of merchandise may be viewed from the website. Detailed facts about each item are proudly displayed. These may include benefits, suggestions on use and how to complete a person’s goal. Nevertheless, only a few items give an idea of the type of ingredients that are present in the products. These include but are not limited to simple active ingredients such as aloe, ginger root, green tea extract and tee tree oil.

The Good

  • Oleda’s website is filled with information about the products, helpful tips and company facts.
  • A person can shop for Oleda's merchandise right from the site.
  • Free shipping is offered on orders larger than $60.
  • Testimonials are complete as well.

The Bad

  • A list of every active ingredient is not present for products.
  • A money back guarantee is not given and they do not offer a free trial.
  • Some of the products are fairly expensive.
  • Third party testimonials and personal reviews could not be found.

The Bottom Line

Oleda and Company Inc. claim that they know the secret to looking younger and feeling vibrant. They suggest that what a person puts into their body is as important as what skin care treatments they use. Unfortunately, an active ingredient list is not present anywhere on their website. While we do admire Oleda’s holistic approach to fighting aging and encourage a healthy diet, we just don’t have enough info about these specific products to determine if they live up to the manufacturer’s own mission statement.

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