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The skin product Proactiv was formulated by two Board Certified Dermatologist. It is a three step skin care system created for those who suffer from acne. Of course acne is a very distressing condition which can effect teenagers as well as adults. The majority of those who suffer from acne desperately search for solution to this distressing skin care problem. Proactiv is just one of many skin care systems for sale which claims to be able to get rid of acne.

Product Details

Proactive is a three step skin care system which consists of a Renewing Cleanser, a Revitalizing Toner and a Repairing Lotion. There is an official website for Proactive and the product can be ordered directly from the official website. There is also detailed information available on the website regarding the two dermatologists who created this product. Of course there are a whole host of other products and skin care systems available for sales which claim to be able to provide a solution to acne.

Of course a number of these products contain some strong ingredients and certainly the Proactive skin care solution also contains a bleaching agent. This means that acne products are not always suitable for those who suffer both from sensitive skin as well as acne. Of course if what you are looking for is a product to get rid of your signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles and lines then Proactiv are not an appropriate product for you. We know that as we age the amount of collagen in the body decreases and that this leads to signs of aging. Clinical trials and research have shown that an effective way to stimulate collagen production is to use peptides. There are now some powerful peptide combined ingredients available such as Matrixyl 3000. If you are searching for an effective anti-aging product, you may want to try one which contains Matrixyl 3000.

The Good

  • Proactive has been created by two Board Certified Dermatologists.
  • There is a detailed and well constructed official website for Proactive.
  • Proactive can be ordered directly online.

The Bad

  • Proactive is not the only product on the market designed to get rid of acne.
  • Those who have sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate products such as Proactiv.
  • We have no evidence that it is superior than other products designed to deal with acne.
  • There are no before and after photos posted on the website.
  • Clearly, this is an anti-acne product, not a wrinkle fighter.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day if you are searching for an anti-aging product to deal with signs of aging then Proactiv is not the appropriate product for you. You may want to try an anti-aging product that contains Matrixyl 3000.

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