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As the self-described “Natural Skin Care Authority,” Reviva Labs is a company that specializes in skin-care treatments that are intended to keep skin healthier and younger looking. Since its inception in 1973, the company has been at the forefront of innovative skincare technologies and practices. As a US based company, Reviva Labs originally acted as an exclusive importer of products from its affiliates across Europe. However, in recent years Reviva Labs has begun to create equally effective and innovative formulas in-house. Both imported and domestically produced products are sold under the Reviva Labs label. Among the dramatic claims put forth by Reviva Labs are the introduction of the importance of exfoliation to America, and the first company to market a line of products containing elastin in America. However, many of these dramatic claims are contestable by other companies. Reviva Labs markets its products as professional-grade, lower cost, natural alternatives to the products produced by the so-called cosmetic giants. Correspondingly, Reviva Labs products are sold primarily in salons and health food stores, which can make them difficult to obtain in some areas.

Product Details

Reviva Labs offers a broad range of products that span the whole skin care spectrum. Products range from specialized cleansers, toners, exfoliants, and scrubs, to creams, moisturizers, and lotions intended for daily use. They also offer a selection of natural soaps and other bath products and suncare products. The Reviva Labs line of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, and DMAE cream-based products is currently one of the most popular offerings from the company.

The Good

  • Products sold by Reviva Labs are all natural and have never been tested on animals.
  • The Reviva Labs website has an easy-to-use knowledge base called the “Skindex” that allows the customer to quickly determine which Reviva Labs products might be most effective for their particular needs.
  • Free (small) samples and a free skin care newsletter can be requested from the Reviva Labs website.

The Bad

  • Some items in their product portfolio look like they’ll be more effective than others despite having similar ingredients.
  • Some users report allergic reactions after using some products.
  • Packaging may not be the most air-tight, which can be an issue with certain anti-oxidant creams.

The Bottom Line

Reviva Labs has a presence in the natural skin care scene. With over thirty years of experience, their product line is both diversified and well established. While no skin-care company can claim to provide everything for everyone, Reviva looks to be a solid option. However, many of Reviva’s anti-wrinkle products do little to stimulate collagen production, which can be a crucial element in any skin care treatment regimen. Some of Reviva’s cleansers do look like they will effectively keep skin clean, but keeping skin wrinkle free will take more active measures than just a cleanser. If your aim is to keep fine line sand wrinkles off of your face, look for a skin care treatment that aggressively promotes collagen production in your body.

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