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The ReVive skin care line was started by the noted plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown. Dr. Brown's intent behind ReVive was that the products would be a viable alternative to costly and invasive surgical anti-aging skin care techniques. Originally, Dr. Brown was conducting research into treating burn victims. After a $2 million study he created a proprietary bioengineered molecule called Epidural Growth Factor, commonly referred to as EGF. When used to treat the burns in Dr. Brown's study, EGF sped up the healing process dramatically. Suspecting that the new molecule could have other applications, Dr. Brown pioneered the ReVive skin cream that became his company's flagship product. ReVive claims to tackle aging on a molecular level. With his background in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Brown has attempted to capitalize on the potential of this new molecular technology cream for restoring the suppleness of aged skin. We're curious to see how effective his repurposed clinical research really is.

Product Details

ReVive has since developed a small line of proprietary formulated products, most of which make use of the EGF molecule. Taking a cue from the discovery of EGF, ReVive products often feature other bioengineered molecules, including ones that claim to promote collagen growth and inhibit collagen loss. Product types include moisturizers, eye creams, concentrated serums and cleansers. The official company website also helps out by categorizing products based on your skin type. Some ReVive products also feature another patented technology; a Vitamin C stabilizer that claims to keep the vitamin from losing potency when applied as a topical cream.

While the website strongly recommends a full regimen of ReVive products, the price can be quite high: their pre-selected Peau Magnifique Youth Recruit Kit is a jaw-dropping $1,500. With this in mind, the company recommends that, if you are only able to purchase one ReVive product, their Moisutrizing Renewal Cream is the way to go. This twice-a-day cream retails at $150 for 2 ounces and contains a combination of active ingredient EGF, free radical fighting antioxidants and organic exfoliants.

The Good

  • Official website has a LiveChat consultation feature.
  • All products available online, as well as in select retail stores around the world.
  • Dr. Brown keeps an online journal, as well as making in-store appearances across the country.

The Bad

  • The price. The ReVive line of skin care products may be one of the most expensive on the market.
  • Some products are not recommended for sensitive skin types, and should be alternated with a second product, doubling your potential cost.
  • While there is plenty of research to back up the EGF molecule's effectiveness when treating severely damaged skin, we'd like to see more about how it interacts with aged but otherwise healthy skin.
  • No user testimonials on site.

The Bottom Line

ReVive's molecular-level approach to skin care treatment is certainly unique and intriguing. However, while it would stand to reason that they need to defray the cost of product research, the pricing of many of their products could be prohibitively high and definitely places them in the category of "luxury brand." The official website does not offer any user testimonials, and it would make sense to check for satisfied customers before committing to such an expensive skin care regimen.

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