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RoC Retinol is a line of antiaging products created by the Johnson and Johnson company. The line includes hand repair, deep wrinkle serum, eye cream, daily moisturizer and night cream. According to the claims of the website, the product will reduce the look of the skin by 10 years with regular use.

There is an official website for the RoC Retinol product line. The official website includes ingredient lists for each of the products, tips on how to use the RoC Retinol products and links to clinical studies proving the RoC Retinol products reduce the signs of aging skin.

Product Features

Allure magazine named the RoC Retinol products the “Best of Beauty” in 2004. The product is created to work over a 12 week period of time to visibly reduce the lines associated with aging. The main ingredient in the products is Retinol which has been studied extensively for its antiaging properties.

The clinical studies referred to on the RoC Retinol website were performed by an independent study group which is a positive because the Johnson and Johnson company did not sponsor the study. The study results showed a reduction in the signs of aging around the eyes and on the forehead up to 7X over a “leading brand” of antiaging product that was not named.

Depending on the product purchased, the consumer can pay more than $40.00 per product. The most effective results occurred after 12 weeks of usage and that means the products could become expensive with extended and regular usage. There is contact information on the official website as well as information on where to buy the products since they are not currently available on the official page.

The Good

  • The RoC Retinol products have been proven to reduce the signs of aging in clinical studies.
  • The ingredient lists are available on the official website.
  • There is contact information available to the consumer.

The Bad

  • The RoC Retinol products rely on Retinol alone for their antiaging results.
  • There are online claims that some of the RoC Retinol products are not for sensitive skin.
  • The ingredient lists for the RoC Retinol products is long and includes fragrance.
  • Fragrance may be irritating to sensitive skin.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on the RoC Retinol products is simple – fragrance is bad in a skin care product. While the Retinol may be an effective ingredient in an antiaging product, it is not the only ingredient proven to reduce the signs of aging. While the product is proven to work, some people – especially those with sensitive skin – may not be able to use the product without irritation. There is also the product of extended usage of the line being expensive to some people.

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