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Rodan and Fields MULTI-MED Therapy is the brainchild of two Stanford University-trained dermatologists: Dr. Katy Rogan and Dr. Kathy Fields. MULTI-MED Therapy was developed by Rodan and Fields to address the fact that many people have limited amounts of time to devote to proper skin care, and as such need an easy-to-use system that will help maintain and revitalize skin consistently and without the need for complicated steps or procedures. According to the Rodan and Fields website, Multi-Med Therapy is based on two fundamental truths: “It takes real medicine to achieve real results,” and “It takes more than one product to effectively treat complex skin conditions.” With that philosophy in mind, Rodan and Fields’ products use FDA regulated over-the-counter medicines combined with active botanicals to attempt to achieve treatments for skin problems such as signs of aging, dark spots, and other blemishes.

Product Details

Rodan and Fields offer four different regimens, or line of products targetting a specific set of skin problems: Soothe, which “soothes, calms, and protects sensitive, irritated skin,” Anti-Age, which is a “regimen for wrinkles, collagen loss, and surface damage,” Reverse, which is a “regimen for brown spots, fine dry lines, and photo aging,” and Unblemish, a “regimen for acne, blemishes, and breakouts.” Each regimen consists of a set of numbered solutions (creams, rinses, cleansers, etc.) that are applied in order, according to a “Regimen Calendar” that may be set up on the Rodan and Fields website. A “full regimen” can encompass many steps, and some users find that this takes more time out of their day than they’d like to spend on skin care.

The Good

  • Website offers a Regime Calendar to assist with planning, as well as a “live chat” feature that connects the consumer with a Rodan and Fields representative.
  • Complete ingredient listings for each product are available on the Rodan and Fields website.
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee.

The Bad

  • Expensive – a two month supply of a skin treatment regimen costs $135.
  • Complete ingredient listings may be difficult to access.
  • Multi-product strategy for each regime may not be the best approach for some consumers.

The Bottom Line

While the Rodan and Fields strategy of regimes is intended to streamline the skin treatment process, there are one-bottle solutions that advertise the same results with fewer steps and significantly less cost. Additionally, the Rodan and Fields website has features that make it outline the simplicity of the procedure, and furthermore, live help is only a click away. For the internet-savvy, Rodan and Fields is certainly worth a try, although it is important to keep in mind the substantial costs involved in a long term commitment to the Rodan and Fields lines of regimen-based skin treatment. Using a skin care system with too many steps also increases the possibility of potential misapplication. Users who travel for extended periods of time may have some difficulty remembering to pack all necessary products—however, finding replacement products if you forget a step is can also be tricky. A skin treatment with fewer steps may be a good idea if cost or travel are your primary concerns.

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Rodan and Fields: Product and Business

I must say I had NO hope that this "skincare" would do much for the blotchy red patches and bumps I had covering my face. I am an RN, and still couldn't control it. Like most women, I have spent thousands on skincare, and yes, I tried R and F. IT Worked! I used to use Dermablend for foundation- its for scars and burn patients. Now, I use powder. Anyone with questions, call me! I am serious. (256)874-5679. It has changed my life!

Rodan and Fields

I think Rodan and Fields products are fabulous. The simple multi-med system is so easy to follow. Each regimen is a different color and each step has a number on it. If you can count to 4 you can not mess up your R+F regimen. I have used many products claiming they are anti-age products, but Rodan and Fields products have made my face look young again and my wrinkles are no longer visable.The Unblemish products have changed my friend from the inside out. Once a recluse because of her acne she now walks with her head high and goes to many social events. These are products that work. The more you use it the better your skin looks!


The Multi Med treatments are awesome, I saw results in just two weeks! That is amazing. Lighter freckles, and over all better tone in my skin! I love this stuff!


I have been using the Rodan and Fields Unblemish line for a few years now, and while I am very happy with the results I have achieved, I am appalled by the dramatic price increases I have witnessed in that time. I understand that the line has recently been revamped, but I don't feel that any improvements that have been made can justify the change in cost. In fact, I much prefer the old tube of benzol peroxide medication ( step 3) to the new dual action pump. In my experience, the pump is harder to travel with, doesn't last nearly as long, and doesn't dispense the gel and cream solutions evenly. Many times, I have to pump several times to get any of the gel to come out at all, meanwhile wasting the cream portion or vice versa. I do love that hydroquinone has been added to the toner for spot-fading benefits (quite frankly I was convinced the old formula was just water), but there is something in the new formula that makes me cough every time I use it. Strange, I know, and kind of scary. As for the oil-control sunscreen, my only complaint is the teeny tiny tube, trial-sized tube it comes in. I run out of it far before I run out of everything else, and at $28 a pop, it's not exactly cheap. It's cheaper to order the system together rather than individually, but after tax and standard shipping, it still costs me over $180 each time I order. It wasn't nearly that much when I began using it a few years ago. Not to mention now there is the added inconvienience of not being able to purchase it at retail location anymore. Now, one must order online or through an independant consultant ( think Mary Kay). I just don't understand the decisions this company is making. I will say that the Unblemish regimen has so far worked better for me than other products I have found, but in light of all the recent changes, I think it's time I start my search again!

Multi-med Treatment

I am a Rodan + Fields user and I LOVE the layering of the products. They are intended to work together in a way that a single product can't do. By layering the 3 products you can get a prescription level of medicines without having to go to a dermatologist. I use the REVERSE regimen in the morning and the ANTI-AGING PLUS at night. My monthly bill for all the products is under $90. I did a search on the net of all the major lines offering similar products (NuSkin, Elizabeth Arden, Clinque, Lancome, Regenerist, Obagi, etc...) and comparing regimens Rodan+Fields is one of the lowest in cost. But most importantly. IT WORKS!!

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