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Trienelle Creme makes claims that most consumers have seen before: the "advanced" formula promises to bring a youthful, wrinkle-free glow through a nutrient-balanced formula consisting of vitamins and Retinol. Not many products expand beyond this typical ingredient list, which is where Trienelle Creme differs. Along with Vitamin E and Retinol, Trienelle Creme also includes Chlorella Extract, Colostrum, and medicinal mushrooms.

Trienelle Creme says it is brimming with helpful nutrients and ingredients that help boost the skin's ability to heal, and the ingredients supposedly allow the skin to stay protected while enduring environmental changes. It also pairs as a sunscreen, offering SPF 15 sunscreen protection during the day. One cream is only needed -- no clunky kits or procedures to follow here -- and testimonials included on their website boast about its rejuvenatory properties. It's not the easier product to buy, however, and you'll have to choose an online purchase to immediately receive this product. Trienelle offers three sizes through their website, including a regular size, a fragrance-free formula, and bigger 50ml creams for longer usability -- and the most expensive cream costs $55.00 at the most. It certainly is an affordable product. Trienelle Creme offers an interesting array of ingredients that claim to help de-age the skin, but this does not necessarily indicate it can work just as effectively as proven ingredients.

Product Details

According to Trienelle's website, their product contains a mixture of Vitamin E, Q-10, Catechins, Melatonin, Procyanadins, SOD, Microcollagen, Colostrum, "medicinal mushrooms", Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and Chlorella Extract. Vitamin E is a common skincare ingredient used because of its ability to improve the structure of skin cells, but its actual effects when used in topical form are not known. Chlorella Extract is another important ingredient, although not common, and is packed with vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These vitamins are packed with antioxidants, making Chlorella Extract a potent source of numerous antioxidants. The only impact this has on skin is its ability to eliminate free radicals in skin cells, contributors to skin degeneration. Some believe eliminating free radicals in the skin will reverse the signs of aging, although this isn't confirmed.

Microcollagen is claimed to be an ingredient that replaces collagen in skin cells, although this is not confirmed. Some studies suggest it may help improve the skin's ability to become more elastic, but still need additional studies to confirm these results. Likewise, many companies claim colostrum is a natural skin protectant, but no studies have investigated these claimed benefits.

The Good

  • Chlorella Extract is a potent source of radical-fighting antioxidants.
  • Trienelle Cream offers various sizes and fragrance-free formulas for sensitive skin types.

The Bad

  • Antioxidants may have a lesser impact when applied topically.
  • Does not contain any ingredients which have a direct impact on reducing wrinkles -- not exactly encouraging results.
  • Testimonials available about the product state it had no effect on wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

Trienelle Cream features a different array of ingredients, and for consumers seeking a "different" skin cream, Trienelle certainly meets these requirements. Effective, proven ingredients will deliver results in the end, however, and only some offer minimal skin-related benefits. This is probably not intensive enough for specific anti-wrinkle care, but may provide gentler results concerning the skin's appearance.

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