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Votre Vu appears to be a French company, at least by name. Their product line is new, only having been around since August of this year, and they focus mainly on skin care and anti-ageing products as well as general cosmetics. According to the products on the company website, there are serums, eyeliners and other types of products, supposedly made with all natural ingredients. We do enjoy the fact that all natural ingredients are possible to have little harmful effect on the skin, but there are some products that could benefit from having proven and tested things like hyaluronic acid or Matrixyl. The company website is well-organized, with a full section devoted to customers' potential questions. There is a glossary of ingredients commonly used in skin care and anti-ageing, but we aren't sure yet if those are used in these products or not.

Product Information

We had a look around the product website, and we can't tell what ingredients are used for any individual products. However, Votre Vu claims that they use all-natural ingredients. According to the FAQ section, their products include parabens as ingredients. These are preservatives, and for some people can end up drying out the skin, depending on the skin type. The website says that the consistency of people's skin varies from day to day because of natural factors in the environment. There is a chart on the website devoted to these changes, detailing what products would be best suited on what type of skin.

The Good

  • The company website for Votre Vu has a great of information about products and skin care in general. They have a glossary devoted to each ingredient used in many skin care products, organized in alphabetical order.
  • There is a 45-day refund policy, the process of which is explained fully on the website. This reassures us, because there are companies that offer no such policy.

The Bad

  • The website doesn't include any user testimonials at the time of this review. This means that customers aren't easily able to determine how the product lines have affected people in the past.
  • There isn't anything in the way of official research at this time, so product backing isn't really substantial. A glossary of ingredients is good, but we have yet to learn how they work in individual products.
  • All sales are done through a Votre Vu agent, which could cause problems with some customers who prefer to deal directly with a business.

The Bottom Line

We are pleased that Votre Vu offers so much information on its website. It makes people more assured and able to determine what ingredients are used in their products. We feel this could be improved with user testimonials and a section devoted to official research.

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I have been using Votre Vu products for 2 years now. I haven't tried them all but what I started out with I love and I will continue to use. I am not a person to clean her face every night so I usually don't, but I do follow a regime in the morning. I love their cleaners. I've tried two...the one for sensitive skin for summer and the one for mature skin for winter. Same goes for toners they are both great and refreshing. They don't make your face feel dried out or tight. Now, I have stuck with the mature day cream. It is rich, creamy not greasy and I don't noticed those fine lines like I used to see. Also, I had deep creases on each side of my mouth. The serum they sell has help tremendously. Creases aren't gone but there has been a definite difference in how deep they were. The best I saved for last! They sell a neck crème that is do die for. I love this stuff. My neck has changed so much since using this crème. The lines around my neck are almost gone. My skin is smooth, bright and not droopy. I won't stop using this for anything in the world. It is the best product that I have ever tried and being that I am 55....I've tried almost everything for that eternal fountain of youth. These products may not be for everybody or work for everyone but they do for me. They are pricey but the quality of the product makes you use less therefore not having to purchase them as often. Some of my products have lasted me up to 3 months. Try them you just might like them. If nothing else try that neck crème called Portrait Collar. If you have any questions you can email me at anonimoprimo@aol.com

Votre Vu

As a graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, a former General Manager and Sales Director of her Skin Care Manufacturing Facility in Boston, I've spent several years looking for the finest products that I could be proud of and now I am so delighted to have found VotreVu. The moment I tested my first Votre Vu sample, I knew I'd found something special.
Votre Vu is your exclusive source for the finest French-made, natural skin care products. Previously found only in select European salons and spas. We offer superlative solutions for your daily skin care regimen, luxurious hair and body products, along with revolutionary anti-aging formulas.
My skin has changed dramatically since I've used the product I get compliments everyday about my skin which is awesome since I'm in my 50's. What's also nice about the website is each Product has a Video presentation and all the ingredients are on each page along with instructions on how to use it. Please visit www.votrevu.com/national
Thank you

Votre Vu is the real deal

I have worked in at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and have spent many years as a makeup artist using the most expensive products available in the US. I was so impressed with Votre Vu that I decided to become a consultant because I knew such an amazing product would be successful. Votre Vu can hold its own against any of the big names out there like La Mer, Cle de Peau, Obaji, ReVive, Sisily, Chanel, La Praire etc.... If you try Votre Vu I guarantee you won't be dissapointed!

Warm Regards,
Angie Seekamp

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